340 The Lord's Sword

"What are you talking about?" Grandpa Lan looked at the Demon Lord with a puzzled expression.

However, the Demon Lord completely ignored Grandpa Lan and continued to stare at Yuan's figure with disbelief.

"A mask! That sword! After so many years, you have finally decided to return to the Mystic Realm— Lord!" A massive smile appeared on the Demon Lord's face, but there was also a hint of fear in its eyes.

"What?!" Grandpa Lan exclaimed in a shocked voice when he heard the Demon Lord addressed Yuan as 'Lord'.

"I won't forget the humiliation you had put me through on that day no matter how many years passes, Lord!" The Demon Lord suddenly flew towards Yuan's location.

"Watch out!" Grandpa Lan shouted loudly to warn Yuan and the others of the Demon Lord's presence.

"Huh?" Yuan turned around at Grandpa Lan's voice, and to his surprise, the Demon Lord in the sky was flying in their direction!


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