123 Returning With a Sect Elder

"That damn disrespectful little brat! He's only a mere Outer Court disciple who'd just passed the disciple examination! How dare he disrespect and defy so many Inner Court disciples?! Who the fuck does he think he is?!"

The Inner Court disciple that Yuan ignored stomped the floor angrily, feeling his blood boiling from anger, as this is his first time being treated in such a fashion ever since he became an Inner Court disciple, and to make things even worse, it'd happened right in front of Fairy Min— the woman he admired!

"Right? I have never seen a disciple that disobedient towards his Seniors! There must be something wrong with that disciple's head! He was probably dropped on the head when he was young!"

"Since he wants to play, I'll play with him! He thinks everything will be okay if a sect elder is involved! I'll show him just how wrong he is! A mere Outer Court disciple dares to defy me? Courting death!" The Inner Court disciple sneered.

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