335 Immortal Bloodlines

After kowtowing to the jade tablet for a couple of minutes, the old man stood up and patted his robes before turning around and walking away from the place.

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"This subordinate will come to get you as soon as possible, Master…"

Meanwhile, back inside the Mystic Realm, Yuan sat around the table with the Lan Family as they began their feast.

"Good lord, you appear to have a bigger appetite than even us, Divine Beasts!" Grandma Lan exclaimed when Yuan displayed his eating talents before their very eyes for the first time.

"Hahaha! At this rate, you'll even eat our portions! Well, eat all you want! You're going to need all your strength when fighting the demons." Grandpa Lan said to him.

Sometime later, after the feast, Lan Yingying turned to look at Yuan and asked him, "Your bloodline awakened, right? Do you know what kind of bloodline you have?"

Yuan nodded and said, "Something called Immortal Monarch Bloodline."


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