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Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering everything below his head useless. Deemed hopeless and irredeemable, his parents quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him. In this dark and still world, his younger sister became his sole reason for living. Watch as this young man reaches for the apex as a genius in Cultivation Online, the newest VRMMORPG, becoming a legendary figure in both worlds. --------------------- My other novels: Dual Cultivation

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1580 Chs

Heaven Splitting Sword Strike

"Xiao Hua, where are you? Your favorite brother is here to play with you!" Yuan shouted loudly in the forest the moment he logged into the game.

"Aiii… What am I doing?" He sat down afterward, his hand reaching for the necklace around his neck.

Despite it seemingly made out of steel with a piece of jade attached, the necklace was as light as a feather, nearly weightless.

<Xiao Hua's Necklace>

<Grade: ???>

<Description: Obtained from Xiao Hua.>

"Even though she said to use this to call her… how do I use it?" He played around with the necklace as he pondered.

He tried poking it, caressing it, commanding it to open, even licking it, but alas, the necklace remained unchanged. After many minutes and many failures later, Yuan decided to stop trying to activate the necklace.

"Oh, Xiao Hua. How can you give me something so complicated without explaining its functions?" He sighed loudly.

Suddenly, as though the heavens heard his sigh, the earth trembled.


The sound of metal clashing resounded, followed by loud cursing.

"Eat my Coiling Sword Strike, you bastard!"

"Courting death!"

Boom! A loud explosion appeared in the distance, startling Yuan. What just happened? Why did the earth tremble the way it did just now? Did someone drop a bomb?

Clang! The sound of metal clashing resounded again, and a gust of wind suddenly swept the place, nearly lifting Yuan into the air.

"Devil Meng Li! If I don't kill you today, then I am not Zhan Xuegang!"

"Ahahaha! A mere half-step Spirit Grandmaster like you think you can kill me? Today will be the day you will realize your foolish existence — in hell!"

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Visible ripples filled with profound power swiftly swept the sky after every clash, sending chills down Yuan's spine every time it swept past him.

"It is actually two people fighting against each other that is causing this phenomenon?!" Yuan was shocked, to say the least. "To fight in someone else's garden, how disrespectful!"

Soon, two figures could be seen fighting each other in the air from where Yuan stood. One with long red hair and one with long black hair. They were flying back and forth, throwing powerful sword strikes at each other that would create ripples upon being blocked by the other person.

"They are flying, just like that old man!" Yuan recalled Elder Song, the old man who gave him and thousands of other players a brief explanation about this world while standing on a sword in the air.

The fight in the air lasted for many minutes without either one gaining an advantage over the other; they seemed to be equally matched.

However, as they were getting closer and closer to where Yuan stood, the destructive ripples created by their sword clashes also became painful to bear for him.

Despite not being a part of the fight, Yuan could feel a dominating pressure making it difficult for him to breathe, and his body felt as though it was carrying a large rock.

"Die for me! Seven Earthly Sword Strikes!"

"Ahahaha! Too weak! Way too weak! Bloody Sword Strike!"

A ripple far superior to the previous swept through the place until it could no longer be seen on the horizon.

Cough! Yuan could no longer resist the pressure and coughed up a mouthful of blood. "Damn! This is really uncomfortable!" He wiped the blood from his mouth with his hand.

"I can even taste the iron-like taste of blood…" Yuan was completely immersed at this moment. The pain in his body and the realistic features of this game temporarily made him forget that this was just a game.

"If they get any closer, I will definitely die from collateral damage!" He began running away from the two, but the clashes between them were also getting stronger.

"Nine Earthly Sword Strikes!"

"Devil's Blood!"

Boom! Trees fell and the clouds scattered from the impact, and Yuan was sent flying towards a tree, losing consciousness a moment later.

"Hahahaha! Zhan Xuegang, what's wrong? Didn't you say that you will kill me today?" One of the figures began laughing while pointing at the other person who was missing an arm. "The Prime Disciple of the Profound Sword Sect is only so-so—just like that junior sister of yours… Hahahaha!"

"I will… I WILL KILL YOU!" Zhan Xuegang roared, his eyes turned red, and his cultivation base suddenly increased dramatically.

"What!?" The eyes of Devil Ming Li widened from shock. "You… you had a breakthrough in the middle of our fight?!"

"I will avenge Junior apprentice-sister Xia today by killing you even if I have to lose all four of my limbs and become a cripple!" His eyes and nose began bleeding, and veins appeared all over his body.

"Was she your lover by any chance? Then let me tell you something important before you die… her body was amazing! It is truly a pity that she had killed herself so quickly or else I would have surely enjoyed her body even more! Hahahaha!"

"MENG LI, GO TO HELLLLLL!!!!" The blue sword in Zhan Xuegang's grasp glowed a dark blue light, and killing intent soared beyond the clouds.


"Trying to bring me down with you? Just because you are now a Spirit Grandmaster like me does not mean we are on equal standing, you fool!" Meng Li's red hair glowed a crimson color along with his eyes, looking like a real devil from hell.

"Hell's Fire!"

Suddenly, before the two of them could release their techniques, a little girl in red robes appeared in-between them like a ghost, and in her grasp was a necklace covered in fresh blood.

"For disturbing the peace of our place, your cultivation base shall be crippled as a punishment." The little girl waved her sleeves, and Meng Li and Zhan Xuegang felt their entire cultivation base collapse an instant later.

Without any cultivation to support them, the two were no longer able to control their attacks or fly, and they fell straight to the ground, breaking many bones upon hitting the earth.

"Who are you?!" Meng Li cried out loud as he laid on the ground, experiencing major pain across his body. To cripple him, a Spirit Grandmaster, with a mere wave of her sleeves, her background must be shocking.

As for Zhan Xuegang, he could only stare at the little girl in the air with wide eyes. He was too shocked to think.

"What did we do to offend you?! Answer me!" Meng Li shouted again after receiving no answer from her.

However, the little girl ignored him, descended from the sky to a nearby tree, and walked to where Yuan's unconscious body laid.

"That's the trash who was watching us fight…" Meng Li was aware of Yuan's presence and that he had been watching them, but because he was too weak to affect them, Meng Li treated Yuan like an ant and ignored him. The same goes for Zhan Xuegang.

The little girl kneeled to wipe the blood off Yuan's lips, her hands trembling slightly. "For injuring him… you shall be punished with death…"

After wiping the blood from Yuan's lips, the little girl stood and turned to face the two figures lying on the floor, her expression grim and filled with killing intent.

"Heaven Splitting Sword Strike…" The world suddenly trembled, and the heaven dimmed, almost turning into night. And a sword made from a golden light appeared in the grasp of the little girl.

"Heaven Splitting Sword Strike?! Impossible! What are you doing here in the Lower Heavens?!" Zhan Xuegang recognized the technique being witnessed, and his heart nearly stopped from shock.

The little girl ignored his question and suddenly slashed the sword downwards, and the heavens seemed to have split into two at that moment.

BOOM! A massive earthquake shook the entire Eastern Continent, shocking many experts within the continent, even alerting many ancient experts around the world.

Yuan slowly opened his eyes, and the first thing that he noticed was the obviously large earth fissure in front of him with an end that he cannot physically see, looking as though it separated the earth in half.

"What—Did those two cause this?! This is ridiculous!" Yuan's back was soaked in cold sweat upon seeing the earth fissure that seemed endless. He couldn't imagine the power that was required to cause this much destruction. This earth fissure was more than enough to change the geography of this world!

Suddenly, Yuan's heart jumped. He slowly turned his head, and it was this moment he realized that he had been sleeping on the soft lap of this little girl.

"Xiao Hua!" He was pleasantly surprised to see her sitting beside him, even allowing him to sleep on her lap. "Are you hurt anywhere?"

Yuan felt relieved upon seeing no injuries on her.

Xiao Hua suddenly pulled his head back down to her lap. "Master, you shouldn't move too much. You are injured."

"Eh?" Yuan became dumbfounded. "What did you just call me? Master? What kind of game are we playing this time?"

"This is not a game. Xiao Hua has accepted Brother Yuan as her Master." She showed him the necklace covered in blood with a serious expression.

"That's the necklace you gave me—Oh… so that's what you meant by using that to call you… to summon you as a Servant?" He facepalmed upon realizing the real meaning behind her words, making a loud slapping sound. "Xiao Hua… you… Aiya!" He sighed loudly.

"Do you not accept Xiao Hua?" Her expression saddened. "Is Xiao Hua a bad girl?"

"That's not it. I really like you, but… to keep you as a Servant is too much… since it will cause many unnecessary misunderstandings…"

"Misunderstands? Xiao Hua does not mind…"

'But I do!' Yuan replied inside his head.

After a moment of silence, Yuan finally said to her, "Brother Yuan."

"Huh?" Xiao Hua looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face.

"As long as you call me Brother Yuan like normally, then there will be no misunderstandings." He explained to her.

"Then…" Her eyes began sparkling. "Brother Yuan!"

She suddenly hugged him, hiding the bashful smile on her face.

<You have accepted Xiao Hua as your Servant!>

Name: Xiao Hua

Servant Grade: Divine

Master: Yuan

Cultivation: Third Level Spirit King

Legacy: Supreme Heaven's Legacy

Bloodline: Divine Bloodline

Physique: Purple Mist Physique

<Heaven's Secret Art>

<Rank: Divine>

<Mastery 4 Level:>

<Heaven's First Secret Art — Consuming Heaven Technique>

<Rank: Divine>

<Mastery 5 Level:>

<Heaven's Second Secret Art — Heaven Splitting Sword Strike>

<Rank: Divine>

<Mastery 4 Level:>

<Heaven's Third Secret Art — Heavenly Domain>

<Rank: Divine>

<Mastery 2 Level:>

<Heaven's Fourth Secret Art — Heaven Sealing Technique>

<Rank: Divine>

<Mastery 1 Level:>

<Fly >

<Rank: Earth>

<Superior Senses>

<Rank: Earth>

<Qi Manifestation>

<Rank: Earth>

<Purple Mist>

<Rank: Divine>

<Congratulations! Player Yuan has obtained the world's first Divine grade Servant!>

When the announcement appeared above the sky, countless cries of shock resounded around the world, and rumors of Player Yuan being a cheater quickly began spreading like wildfire on this day.