872 Heaven's Favorite

'So this is the prowess of the man who opened the Mystic Pagoda… He was only a Spirit Master at that time, too…' Senior Nie thought to himself as he watched Yuan play with the six Sect Masters.

Because the Mystic Realm did not show Yuan's movement and actions, nobody but those that were with him knew his potential. This included Senior Nie, who could only imagine Yuan's prowess until today.

"This is absurd… almost comically so…" Sect Master Xiahou suddenly uttered in a dazed voice.

"How can someone like him exist in this world? Why are the heavens allowing this to happen…?"

Hearing her words, Senior Nie responded without looking away from the fight, "This is the heavens' way of messing with us cultivators for wanting to defy them by seeking eternal life. They will occasionally create geniuses that will surpass everyone with ease just to make the others fume with jealousy."

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