333 A Cup of Blood

"A thousand years?! Does it really take that long? I cannot even fathom living that long!" Yuan exclaimed after learning how long it'll take for Lan Yingying to give birth to their child.

"Yes, it takes a really long time for Divine Beasts such as myself to convert the 'seed' that you gave me into a child."  Lan Yingying said.

And she continued, "It also differs for each species. Some Divine Beasts may need a few hundred years while some may even need a few thousand years."

"If I recall correctly, Dragons and Phoenixes require the most time for their child— about ten thousand years."

"T-Ten thousand years!?" Yuan was completely speechless.

Sometime later, Lan Yingying returned to her human form.

"Once again, thank you for impregnating me." Lan Yingying lowered her head and bowed to him afterward.

The two of them proceeded to spend some more time in the river before getting out and returning to the cabin.

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