13 Foundation Establishment Realm Perfection, Spirit Gathering Array

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The next day, in the Divine Phoenix Empire.

The Divine Phoenix Emperor's face was ashen as he held a letter in his hand.

Although Huang Qiugong was forced to stay behind in the Lingyun Sect by Jiang Yiming, he still sent someone to send a letter back.

The letter detailed everything that had happened in the Lingyun Sect that day.

To avoid being blamed, Huang Qiugong even emphasized the power of Jiang Yiming.

Of course, he also described the scene of Huang Chaoyu refusing to return to the Divine Phoenix Empire in great detail.

"This unfilial daughter! Lingyun Sect! Jiang Yiming!" A cold light flashed in the eyes of the Divine Phoenix Emperor as he said in an extremely cold manner.

His majestic aura instantly suppressed all the guards below.

"Your Majesty, please rest your anger," The white-haired Imperial Advisor who also had a white beard hurriedly bowed as he said.

"Humph, that unfilial daughter isn't willing to come back!" The Divine Pheonix Emperor waved his hand lightly, and the letter in his hand slowly fell to the front of the Imperial Advisor as he continued, "And the Lingyun Sect! To think a mere fifth rank force dares to interfere in the affairs of the Divine Phoenix Empire!"

The Imperial Advisor roughly skimmed through the letter and immediately understood the situation.

He thought for a moment, and a knotty expression appeared on his face as he said, "Your Majesty, I'm afraid that the Lingyun Sect isn't that simple. Since Jiang Yiming could defeat one of our men who was at the early-stage of the Core Formation Realm just by relying on his physical strength, his cultivation might have already reached the Nascent Soul Realm. Other than that, the Princess's attitude towards the Empire is also somewhat hostile."

Hearing these words, the Divine Phoenix Emperor's face instantly turned red as if someone had exposed his shortcomings.

If it wasn't for him, Huang Chaoyu wouldn't have this attitude now.

He hurriedly said in anger from embarrassment, "So what? No matter how much she hates the Divine Phoenix Empire, she still has the bloodline of Pheonix Ancestor, that is a fact that no one can change!"

"But Your Majesty, not only is the Princess isn't willing to come back, but she also has Jiang Yiming protecting her. I'm afraid this matter will still have to be planned carefully..."

The Imperial Advisor was still a little worried, but the Divine Phoenix Emperor waved his hand and interrupted him, "Since she doesn't want to come back, then you should go personally."

Hearing this, the Imperial Advisor was stunned.

He heard His Majesty the Divine Phoenix continue, "Your cultivation is at the middle-stage of the Nascent Soul Realm, and you are the pillar of the Divine Phoenix Empire. If you take action, there will definitely not be any exceptions to this matter. Imperial Advisor, please take the trouble to personally make the trip for the sake of our Empire."

The Emperor had already said as such, so the Imperial Advisor naturally didn't dare to decline and immediately bent down.

He replied respectfully, "Yes, I understand."

With this, the Imperial Advisor turned around and left the hall.

The Divine Phoenix Emperor looked out of the hall with a cold gaze.

He muttered, "You don't want to come back? Your mother is still here, you will come back eventually."


In the Lingyun Sect, Jiang Yiming sat cross-legged.

Suddenly, his eyes flew open and his gaze became extremely deep.

His aura was indistinct, and it was extremely mysterious.

"After my realm has increased, my body's endurance also became much stronger," Jiang Yiming let out a sigh of amazement.

"When I was at the early-stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm, this body could only withstand five years of cultivation. Now, it can already withstand seven years."

Just now, Jiang Yiming had absorbed seven years of the system's staying-online cultivation, and his strength had once again improved quite a bit.

"Now, my cultivation has reached the Foundation Establishment Realm, and my spiritual power is extremely pure and dense. I'm only one opportunity away from successfully advancing to the Core Formation Realm. At that time, with the Supreme Celestial Demon Body that matches my Core Formation Realm, even an expert who has reached perfection in the Core Formation Realm might not be my match."

Jiang Yiming clenched his fists and felt the vast and majestic spiritual power in his body.

"System, sign in!"

[Ding -- sign-in successful

[Reward for signing in]: Spirit Gathering Array

[Notification]: Due to the Celestial King's Privilege, the Spirit Gathering Array has been upgraded to the Ultimate Spirit Gathering Array!

"The Ultimate Spirit Gathering Array?!" Jiang Yiming couldn't help but exclaim.

This array was a treasure.

In his memory, the Ultimate Spirit Gathering Array was considered a top-class Sect Array.

Once the array was activated, it would form a powerful force field within a radius of ten miles, absorbing all the spiritual energy in the vicinity.

The concentration of spiritual energy within the array would increase exponentially, and the speed of cultivation within the area covered by the array would, in turn, increase greatly!

"This system reward is really timely!" The corners of Jiang Yiming's mouth lifted slightly, and a look of anticipation flashed across his eyes.

"The current Lingyun Sect is so down and out. If I want to recover the sect's strength as soon as possible, I have to raise my disciple's strength as soon as possible! Cultivating steadily is the safest path, but it will take too long. Now that I have this array, their cultivation time can be greatly shortened."

Thinking up to this point, Jiang Yiming suddenly remembered that he hadn't completed the main mission yet.

He had just reached perfection from the early-stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. If he wanted to break through to the Core Formation Realm, he would have to look for an opportunity.

At this point, he could only think of methods to rebuild the sect as soon as possible.

After tidying his clothes, Jiang Yiming pushed the door open and left the room.

He walked around the whole vicinity of the Lingyun Sect.

Looking at the clean and shiny Lingyun sect, he couldn't help but feel at ease.

"Those cultivators from the Divine Phoenix Empire aren't completely useless. Although they are not good at fighting, they are good at cleaning houses. The Lingyun Sect is such a big place, yet they managed to clean it up in one night."

It was a fortunate thing that Huang Qiugong and the others were not here. Otherwise, they would have spat out a mouthful of blood after hearing Jiang Yiming's words.

Jiang Yiming came to a very empty place.

The main hall of the Lingyun Sect used to stand here, but now it was just an empty space.

All the glory and sublime of the past had long disappeared as if it had never been there.

"Since we want to revitalize the sect, how can we not have a hall?" Jiang Yiming muttered to himself.

"System, rebuild the main hall of the sect."


[Notification]: The system is planning the rebuilding of the LIngyun Sect's main hall of the Lingyun Sect.

[Notification]: The system's planning was successful, the blueprint of the main hall is being projected.

As soon as the system's notification ended, a virtual main hall instantly appeared in Jiang Yiming's mind.

The main hall was resplendent and magnificent, with carved beams and painted pillars as well as richly decorated buildings, giving it a celestial-like atmosphere.

Jiang Yiming couldn't help but be stunned for a moment.

From the perspective of his previous life, such a palace could only be considered not bad.

However, from the perspective of the current Lingyun Sect, it was a little too grand.

Such a magnificent palace was enough to become a second or even first rank force's palace!

[Notification]: To build the sect's main hall, it will cost 18,000 supreme-grade spirit stones.

[Notification]: Do you wish to build the main hall?

Did he even need to consider?

Although 18,000 supreme-grade spirit stones were an astronomical figure in the eyes of others, Jiang Yiming's backpack was full o them.

The number was just a drop in the bucket for him.

He immediately chose "Yes".

In that instant, the system exploded with a golden light.

In Jiang Yiming's eyes, a magnificent palace was rising from the ground.

[Notification]: The construction of the Lingyun Sect's main hall has begun.

[Notification]: Estimated completion time is 30 days!

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