349 Divine Possession Girl

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Jiang Li's intentional disguise was very effective.

As expected, the other party did not treat him as a human.

To the Nine Nether Branch, although the spiritual root seed was important, it would definitely not be a threat.

Moreover, the status of the human cultivation world was not very important to a tree.

Fortunately, he did not expose himself earlier.

In that case, Yan Hong and the others' safety was slightly guaranteed. He could also be largely unaffected by the other party.

However… the Immortal Peach Demon Wood?

Wait, could he be talking about… the Mu family's patriarch?

"You want to attack that person from the Mu family?" Jiang Li deliberately tested him.

"That's right, it's that old fellow. He has eaten countless of our clansmen in the Eastern Region over the years. If we let him continue developing, it'll be similarly difficult for us to survive."

The other party's words affirmed Jiang Li's guess.

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