1 Crystal Tears ♡

|~𝘊𝘳𝘺𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘭 𝘛𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘴 🐣|

|~Kim Namjoon 🎶|


-you walk through the dark forest as you searched for the man that cause you so much pain you never loved me you looked around just then you were hit with a powerful strike you fell to the ground tears begging to come out someone approached you grabbed you by the neck he appeared out of the dark laughing.

-I should have killed you and your mother a long time ago when I left you you slowly lost conscious

-you woke up in your bed with your mother holding your hand with dried tears you shook her softly her eyes fluttered open she jumped up and hugged you . You asked what happened she said you father tried to kill you again you told her you ok enough to go to school but only if your gaurd goes you nodded in response and got ready

-you were about to walk out and go but you felt a pair of eyes on you but you just shook it off the feeling your wings speared and lifted you off the ground and you flew to school as you arrived your guard was waiting for you . You just went to class the teacher shouted Good Morning angles you were given a new assignment you will live with a demon for 3 month you were worried not the fact that the demon will be living with you as you were a demon no one knew except your friends and mother

-In walked a line of demons your demon name was namjoon each demon introduced themselves you waited for you demon to be called but never heard but you didn't care as you walked home your mother was out the whole month due to family problems she knew the assignment you had to do as she was angel

-you walked in it was pitched dark you took off you shoes and went to change into something simple you wore some shorts and a white short shirt you didn't notice there was someone sitting on you bed Princess I can't wait to rip those shorts off you the sound of his voice made you wet he got up and walked towards you and started kissing your neck marking you as his by the second your demon side was coming out your eyes turned red your hair changed to black.