1 Cry of a Virgin 1

In a village named umudioka there lived a girl named Adanma. Adanma a young damsel was the talk of the village that many young and old men wish she was theirs

Now Adanma lived with her mother named Chukwumaobi shortly called chimaobi. Her husband died when Adanma was at the age of seven and since then she have been living on her Little petty trading.

Been the breadwinner of the family for her was not easy at all so everytime she sends Adanma to hawk oranges.

One fateful morning she ran out of luck while hawking she was called by three men saying she should come and sell oranges to them. They took the opportunity and raped her and beat her mercilessly, immediately the ghost of her father appeared and chased them .

Been molested she cursed them by her last bbreathe and died. The Gods of their land were very angry .

After the fourth eke market day ....

(Watch out for Cry of the virgin 2)