Cry Baby (Book One)

Author: Ivy_Cain
Fantasy Romance
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What is Cry Baby (Book One)

Read ‘Cry Baby (Book One)’ Online for Free, written by the author Ivy_Cain, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering SURVIVAL Fiction, BETRAYAL Light Novel, REVENGE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Paige Warren's death shook the community to the core. No one knows who took her and killed her. It was all a mystery. Th...


Paige Warren's death shook the community to the core. No one knows who took her and killed her. It was all a mystery. The cops don't have any leads and the tips weren't helping them any. Phoebe Jenkins used to date Paige Warren but no one knew that they were a thing and the only person who knew about this was her best friend Piper Brown. Phoebe's parents don't know that she likes girls as well as boys. She's scared that they won't accept her as her. Piper Brown did something during the summer that no one else knew except for her friend Prue Hathaway. It was supposed to be between them and no one else was supposed to witness it. The killer threatens all three of them or they are next to die on the killer's list and he has a list of the next people. Unless they could find out who this killer is.

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Hei,,,dialah pilihanku

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