Crowning Cruel Crow
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Crowning Cruel Crow


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What is Crowning Cruel Crow

Crowning Cruel Crow is a popular web novel written by the author TacoKun, covering ACTION, R-18, COMEDY, ADVENTURE, CULTIVATION, REINCARNATION, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 53.6K readers with an average rating of 4.86/5 and 104 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 54 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Never UnSeven Heavens. NEVER ignore the UnSeven; namely, the UnDying, the UnSatified, the UnBothered, the UnForgiven, the UnTouchable, the UnForgotten, and the UnKnown. For these UnSeven Characters will Fight Against the HEAVENS. Fauric Frossa struggles to save his sister, after losing their Noble Necromancer Bloodline, leaving them nothing but pain. With the Scythe of Six Sins, Fauric becomes the successor of Death. Arkhan Tahra, a Runaway Barbarian Druid, wants to escape his future responsibility, as the Guardian Prophet. Kelzer, a Vampire Samurai, seeks to control his own soul, which merged with a Dragon Soul, that he'd slain from his past life. Zalik Maik. Wait. Who is this guy? [Book Cover made by Bhupendra]


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This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes in this shit. It feels like heaven to read, I wanna take a shit so much. If this novel got some drive, thank God its still alive.


This is the best novel I've ever read in this platform. The narrative form/prose is well written. You will notice the distinctive voice of the author. The author can write funny, sad, serious, horror, and fight scenes. Speaking of fight scenes, damn, the fights scenes are lit, and it so well written. The plot is unpredictable, unlike those other novels. Lastly, the characters are Realistic, Flawed, Competent and Likeable. Thank for sharing this work, dear author. Damn You.


First chapter you fookin got me hooked! This is great. Fookin lovw the style you write! Continue. This gonna be good! Don't drop! Damn 140. Done! Lmao


This is a must read book for everyone that wants cultivation book this is the book you are looking for, Please update more Author! Everything is flawless to the grammar plot and characters. I'm cheering you on!💖 💯


The world is too big for everybody to like you. Or for anyone to be perfect. And a lot of people won’t accept you for who you are, no matter how hard you try to please them. “If nobody cares to accept you and wants you in this world, accept yourself and you will see that you don’t need them and their selfish ideas.” – Alibaba Saluja, Magi anime


Should You Read This? When you open this book for the first time, you'll immediately notice the difference between this and the other novels in the site. Writing Quality - High Quality, Polished and undeniably unique. Better than most novels I read here. The style can be a bit too distinctive, as Author is doing their own thing but you'll appreciate it Story Development - in the first chapter, we're thrust into one of the protagonists' desire (save his sister) and although he may have gotten entangled with his friends, there's clear progression Character Design- the Author is not spoonfeeding you about the characters, you'll get to know them as you continue to read. Read the synopsis for a better description of the characters maybe xD Updating Stability- Quite stable. You can definitely wait for it and be at rest World Background- Although the names may sometimes be humorous, one can see that the World that they live in is rich, developed and pretty solid. I can see this as a published book and I hope it also translates well as a web novel!


This novel was like a published novel that has the quality of a classical novels of old. The narration was detailed and has its own unique taste. Kudos to the author who made it. I will wait until your book will mature because I know it will hit big later on. Continue writing and let your imagination work! Be creative and write more! Again thank you for sharing this book to me! I will treasure it! Thanks!


101th review! Gosh so proud to say he is my fellow countrymen! What a good writer he is! The story was already on the level of a published book. Vivid descriptions and splendid character design! I can say the author is hardworking when it comes to writing his work. If time will stop, he can release more chapters!


First chapter you fookin got me hooked! This is great. The narrative form/prose is well written. This is a must-read book for everyone that wants cultivation book; this is the book you are looking for. I recommend it.


This is awesome story with high potential. Writer has followed the rule of 'first three golden chps' perfectly. in just first two chps you can enjoy sorrow, pain, comady, drama, and actions. perfect package. The writing quality is very good. I mean there is still chance of development, but I guess nothing is perfect, so it's alright. The story development is good. I mean u won't find scenes crawling like snail. Now about character design. Author has good skills to describe the characters. When I read the story it felt like I'm listening a story from someone mor then reading it. The world background is good. u will feel it as u read. Instead of feeding you directly author will let you imagine it. Overall good story and one should definitely read it to get something different from regular. Keep it up author.🥰♥️


This book contains so good theory and the first chapter is too good its just mind blowing and I recommend this book to everyone its just too good and i don't have to say more about to be a spoiler so i am out.


I know the seven sins of a human being and I think this novel is inspired by this legend! I am a fan of Dante and his 9 circles of hell so maybe this is a rare story ahead of you;


my goodness, i finally found a hidden gem! i've been searching for a long time now, i never thought that it will just lying leisurely here! this novel can't even be called ordinary, i can't even eat nor sleep just by thinking what would happen next. i'm really craving for more chapters and ugh please, update 10 chapters daily to satisfy my cravings! 😞 exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp! exp!


Reveal spoiler


what?! I'm second again😂 but really, i love the writing style of this author, you get the emotions of the character, the situation, the tension, all of it! Dont drop and abandon this book author! Keep it up!


The novel has its own interesting plot! I really like the kind of names you included there such as unsatisfied, unbothered, and more! I invite all new readers to please read this book! The advises that I can give you, author, is you need to edit a bit more on your sentences. Everything is good and everything is perfectly placed, however, there are some phrases that is very difficult to comprehend. It will be more exciting if it was made into faint simple terms or descriptions. Overall, I feel intrigued on reading your book and wish for the best results for your novel!


I love the characters, the background/setting of the story, and I absolutely LOVE the action scenes! The characters are all unique in style and personality, so its not boring to read about them. And even if you read them and then say you hate them, you cant because they are just so well made that you can't really hate them...lol if that made any sense... But the story line is well thought of and the development is promising! The grammar for this is considered good, like it could be better but for many new writers (me included) have a hard time with grammar because English is B@$%H! There are some mistakes here and there but its still easy to read (which is good!). Lol but I highly recommend this novel! Also.... Shameless Promotion! Please check out my novel as well! https://***.webnovel.com/book/rebirth-the-white-rabbit-loves-to-fight_17127793505565805 Rebirth: The White Rabbit Loves to Fight Thank you TacoKun! Happy writing and reading!


This story is the work of a true genius, so beautiful. I am really impressed by this story. The protagonist is so attractive and interesting motivating me to keep reading. I hope the writer keeps writing and the flow of the writer's motivation and inspiration won't stop. Fighting.


this is a nice one i love what i am reading one my world i seems to be drowned in it such an amazing plot this is a nice one god job to the author


Hi, so I just finished reading a few chapters and I must say it is very well written. You have created a very flow and transaction from one point to another. The characters are crafted with good details. Love the plot! Keep writing. Hoping to read more in the future :)


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