Crowned Assassins Book

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Crowned Assassins


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It takes one crown to become the persona of death. It takes two to be the destroyer of worlds. One mission. A series of deaths. A discovery of secrets. One end. Kinupkop ng isang nagpakilalang Dr. Roberts nang maulila si Kiera sa murang edad. The doctor taught her the survival game. Isa siyang anak ng liwanag o urion, 'yan ang pagkakakilanlan na naimulat sa kanya. Sa kagustuhang maimbistigahan at mabigyan ng hustisya ang pagkamatay ng nga magulang, sumubok itong mapabilang sa isang organisasyong para sa mga specially trained crowned urions. Their mission: to eliminate the human-outcross -the so-called sons of darkness -the prime suspects of her parents' death. As she finds the pieces of the puzzle that could lead her to the real suspect of her parent's death, she discovers how difficult it is to bargain with reality. There are deeper secrets she's about to dig. One that could finally lead to the answer she's looking for. Answers that could shatter her being and make her question the point of being CROWNED. *** Genre: Action/Fantasy/Romance/Adventure Status: Ongoing Language: Taglish Audience: R13