605 Scheme

Mrs Xu tried to get up and approached her daughter.

"Yi er, oh what happened, my Yi er, who did this?"

The stocky woman supported her daughter's helpless body. She was half-conscious and raised her hand to point at the Crown Prince who was standing quietly in his place.

"He, he raped me"

The girl's words took everyone by surprise, including Luo Xiang who didn't seem to understand what was happening. Old man Xu Man tried to get up and lunged at the Crown Prince, but Bei Yau and the little soldiers immediately blocked him with straight swords in their hands.

"Insolent! You're being presumptuous!"

As a result, Xu Man retreated back to his place and fell with a trembling body, eyes wide at the sight of people who didn't seem to hesitate to draw their swords to kill him.

"Y-you guys"


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