Luo Xiang : "You're mine, you think you can run away to the end of the world without I could find you again? There is no way you can run away from me, Bai Ying Ying" Luo Xiang grinned.


Bai Ying: Damn! Let your hands off me!

Even with his full strength, BaiYing is no match to the giant Luo Xiang, who holds his body onto the bed and kisses him lustfully,


Bai Ying what you get yourself into! what kind of crazy thing you've done!!!


The City of San Po, the capital city of YueYang.

Beautiful country at east surrounded by magnificent plains and valleys.

Big mountains spread from the east to the west along with beautiful weather atmosphere, people live in peace and prosperous almost no crime everywhere.

Hua Bai Ying is an ordinary young man. Can't even say he is special in any way. He has no abilities other than having a sweet and cute face like a girl.

A young sixteen years old young man, the Young Master son of Hua Lie, a merchant family from Chang San.

He's pretty and weak. Doesn't like to read, doesn't like to seat and study like another scholar of his age, not even can martial arts or anything. He has no special ability at all. While some youth at his age are busy studying or at least competing in one or two sports or martial art event, but not him. Even if he wanted to his body didn't allow him, he will pass out as soon as the events begin.

His hobby is playing with kites in the valley. Playing with bunnies and chicks, or even his turtle at his big house. He doesn't even have a friend since every parent won't allow their kids to play with him.

For some reason, BaiYing's pretty faces attract anyone who saw him instantly falls in love and always sticks to him all the time, he really has that curse on him.

Life as Hua Bai Ying has never been easy for him, but having a positive mind is one of his specialities. He's cheerful and always smiles so bright like the sunshine. Until one day his parent said something shocking to him. For one and another reason, Bai Ying had to be willing to replace his older sister, who runs away from an arranged marriage with the Crown Prince, say that again?

The Crown Prince, who's so silly to run away from such an important married arrangement, what she's thinking? And because of Bai Ying's pretty face, his parent has this funny idea in their head. His Parents said he had to do it, or else, their whole family would be beheaded by the Queen.

The reason his sister run away doesn't make any sense at all if you tell him, she rejects the married just because the Crown Prince is known to be very ugly, fat, foody, bad temper and a big pervert. It doesn't make sense since all the rich businessman and officials at Yue Yang is mostly like that, just look at his dad. It's really ridiculous. 

But this is terrible, never in a million years he would think about it, he is a boy, for God's sake! How could he do this? And deceiving the Crown Prince could cost him beheaded, what should he do now??

Before it's all the hell breaks loose on him, he's better to run away, fast!

But, it does not happen that way. Because, without his permission, his parents forced him into the palace in an unconscious state. They drugged him! What kind of parents do that?

Anyway, he had to accept the fact that he woke up in bed as Hua Bai Yen. Wearing a bride's dress with a red shiny veil covering his face. His small brain had to spin fast about how to escape from there, which was all that mattered!

And the night comes so fast.

"The Crown Prince arrived!" 

He might be too late.


The door was opened from the outside. From behind his veil, Bai Ying could see a tall, stout shadowy figure approaching him. None other than the magnificent, the Crown Prince of Yue Yang himself, Luo Xiang.

His heavy footstep on the wood floor as the cracking sound from the giant's step who's going to eat him alive!

Bai Ying clenched his fists, and swallow his saliva. This is it, he might die silly soon, what about his little dog YoYo, and his cat Mumu, his turtle Lulu? They all going to miss him, oh he should've run when he had the time earlier, this was not his plan on how he ended his life.

The tall figure stops not far in front of him, as he is about to hands up to touch and lift his veil. Bai Ying pushes the big body as hard as he can. So let it be, as a true Young Master who did something ridiculous replacing his older sister to marrying the Crown Prince, Bai Ying was ready to die. At least he's died with his dignity still on him.

He pushed the man beside him onto the bed and get ready to run as fast as the wind, but...

The man's big hand grabbed his ankle, making him fall with his face on the floor with a bang.


Bai Ying moaned. He kicked his legs trying to escape and crawled towards the door, the door is so close, just a few steps away. The important thing is to get out first while thinking about others later, but, the man held his feet and didn't let him crawl further far.

"No! Let me go!"

His skinny bone was pulled by that giant and turned Bai Ying's body towards him.

"Oh no!"

The wind lifted Bai Ying's veil, sending all his veils flying to the floor. His eyes wide realizing that the Crown Prince might have seen his face, so close!

Bai Ying's round and beautiful big eyes blinked a number of times. His flawless white face gleamed like a girl's with a slender pointed nose and red lips, such a beautiful and delicate face. And, apparently, the Crown Prince wasn't as bad as the rumours. He's a man with a very good-looking face, a deep look in big brown eyes, thin seductive lips, and a sharp nose with a masculine jaw that is a bit rough because it is slightly overgrown withy fine hair. He is indeed a very handsome young man. His sister surely will regret this, but the most important think to do now, he have to escape.


Bai Ying swallowed hard. He didn't expect that person to hold him tightly. The man grab his wrist and held it both on top of his head, while his red face looked at him so close, he was drunk!

Bai Ying tried his best to break free but his strength was nothing to the Crown Prince who had seen him so closely, he smirked.

"Hey, my beautiful bride, where do you think you are going?"

The man swallowed his saliva while looking at the red and fluffy sexy seductive lips of a pretty girl in front of him. He tilted his head and lower his head, about to kiss him!


No no, this isn't happening, it's just a dream! Bai Ying screams loudly in his heart.

"Ummpp, you're so pretty"

Just when the big body of the hot-blooded man going to really kiss him, BaiYing aimed his fist as hard as he can at the man's face.




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