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CROWN PRINCE'S CONCUBINE is a popular web novel written by the author Sweet_SourKiwi, covering LGBT, BOYSLOVE, TRANSMIGRATION, ROMANCE, LOVE, DRAMA, EASTERNFANTASY, ROYALROMANCE, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 244.3K readers with an average rating of 4.91/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 120 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This is a Classic Love story, cute and sweet like an overripe apple with a little bit of sour ^^ BaiYing was a very sweet young man because a silly accident makes him woke up in the past as HuaBaiYing, a weak, gentle, and fragile as a glass young man, who cannot escape his destined to be a very newly concubine of Crown prince, but how can it happen? it's so ridiculous he is a young man! While the Crown Prince is a pervert, he likes to touch BaiYing here and there as he only belongs to him, only his! Who dares to touch him, you want to die?! #btw actually he just being a pervert with BaiYing. I think this as a Romance cute-Comedy but full of surprise in it, check it out, slow but sure, buckle up cause the journey just began!^^ . spoiler : this is not transmigrated-focus on books, or system or harem, or even rape, so don't bother to stop by if you looking for that here. ^^ ************************** Please help to review if you read it, its help Author to do much better, thanks ^^ I still borrowed the cover, please forgive me I love them soo much ^^ please have good comments to support each other, really appreciate and God bless you ^^


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Click right away when I see the cover.. the cover is From the manhua *How to survive as a villain* adapted from the novel. then I check the author 's profile and saw Mdzs's WangXian and 2Ha's RanWan.. and I m like.. Fellow Fujoshis!! 😁😂 anyway this is how I stumble upon this great novel 💁‍♀️ Recommended 🤝


This story reminds me of a manga about a man replaced his sister to marry a king. I enjoy the plot so far, but maybe you can learn how to write it in more neat and clean style so the reader can enjoy it more 😉 Are you, by any chance, from Indonesia?


Nice story line i love how the development of two ML and cant wait for next chapter, because author only focus on them, keep update it thor, [img=recommend]


In this story of young man HuaBaiYing, who become Crown Prince concubine for his sister who runs away, the rumors said the crown prince is super ugly and pervert who already have three concubines in his side, but the thing is now simple as its sounds, you think the Crown prince is an idiot or what? hi Guys, please help to support my new novel for Webnovel, I'm joining the competition, I'm challenging my self to learn how to join in such a big competition with so many things to learn, still sooooo far to go, but everybody needs a little challenging in their life to be better, even if it does not succeed but the process makes us learn a lot.


Hi GUys, thanks for the reviews, I got the rates, at last, yeay!!! hahaha, sorry for my writing quality, originally I write in Bahasa and I translate it (its faster this way), so sometimes I missed to check it and the words become unbelievable so bad, hahaha, I will fix it, it would be better by the time, i promise ^^


Hi aitjor, i love the ML, both are so cute, so far i love how Crown aprince always teasing BaiYing, i like BaiYing, he such a cute baby, keep update it thor [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I think this novel is not so bad, at first author will give us slow and boring scene, but at somepoint theres some surprises in it, it good lite reading, i cant hold my self smile from the interaction between ML, althought Author wrting sometimes hard to understand a bit but the story line is good, keep update it thor [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


The story line is interesting and good, i just read few chapter and i think will keep reading it, i love the two MLs, keep update it author [img=recommend]


I think the development of the ML is good, i like how author only focus on two ML, i think the story line is quite interesting, keep update it author[img=recommend]


I think the novel is not bad, we can see how much effort from the author on giving us the details even lots of things missed here, but so far I enjoy to read this


I havent read this book yet, but its looks exciting and fun, just read the first chapter and will read it for sure, keep on update author dont give up, cant wait for the next chpater, cheeeeeerssssssss......[img=recommend]


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