1 Crossbow of Hope

As she quickly rode her white horse down the village streets trying to not bump into the markets full of people, she looked back at the peasant boy who was holding on to her tightly and smiled knowing she did the right thing. Trying to get out of the village as quickly as she could but when they almost got out the tall pointy silver gates awaited them also with knights blocking the gate and her father there to with the angriest look on his face looking deeply into her soul. She stopped, heart racing fast knowing she did not make it, the peasant boy just crying scared of the consequences that awaited him, she got of the horse and said powerfully "you can't stop us from leaving, you can't control my future anymore" the knights immediately took her away after her father's command she resisted and put up a fight that got her dress tripped and a few injures but didn't succeed, she looked back at the boy with tears in her eyes and screamed his name "Yuki!" they both just looked at each other while she got took away.

Later that evening, she was sitting in the cold stone dungeon her father banished her to, her tears fell from her eyes to the wounds on her hands she felt hopeless. She just wanted one thing in life... The one thing her father was completely against. Around 30 mins later but feeling like hours had passed her father walked in, "do you understand what you have done" he said "do you understand being seen with a low-life, impecunious scum like him will do to our family reputation. What do you think the village thinks of this" he shouted, she got up and wiped her tears from her eyes and said "I don't care about the family reputation, I don't care what you think, I don't care what the village thinks, I don't care what anyone thinks...this is what I want, I want to be with him why can't you understand... why do you not understand the feeling of love? I couldn't care less if he's not like us, he's a human being and much better than a low-life coward like you." she breathed loudly trying to catch her breath. Her father was angrier than ever "as long as you don't understand you are not leaving and you will never see that boy again" he yelled. She chuckled and stood tall, "don't you remember what my name means... I am Nakano Isamu named after the warrior. If you think I'm going to sit back then you are wrong father. I will succeed...and get my revenge" she looked up at him with her strong green emerald eyes. Nakano's father sits her crown down and says "what fool would give up a title like this" and walks out the dungeon locking the big clunky door behind him.

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