2 Crossbow of Hope - chapter two

It had been 3 months since then, Nakano was still in the dungeon and knights would only enter to give her food and water. And Nakano stuck by her word when she said she would succeed, during the 3 months she was stuck in the dungeon she planned an escape plan. She did things like taking her crown her father left with her and scuffed it off the rough stone ground and walls to make the points on her crown sharp, she would do this enough that even a poke would hurt. She would examine the knights armour and look for weak spots that she could get to. She would study the knights guarding times to. Nakano was stronger than most people realised, even stronger now because she trained to get stronger day after day in the dungeon. When she thought she was ready to execute the plan she did just that.

Nakano walked up to the chipped wooden door and opened the door hatch, she looked at the knight and asked if she could be taking to see her father and that she was ready to fulfil his expectations. She was disgusted to even say those words even though she knew it was a part of the plan. The knight agreed and opened the door. Nakano walked out of the dungeon room with her crown in hand, when she got out of the room, she quickly ducked and knocked the knights knees the opposite way. She rapidly pushed the razor-sharp crown into the knights' neck and blood spurted out getting blood all over Nakano, the knight collapsed and his armour clashed on the ground, the noise of the armour hitting the ground echoed through the dungeon and she quickly ran as fast as she could to get out of her father's castle to see Yuki the only one, she had been thinking about.

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While Nakano is running out of the castle some knights saw her and chased after her, she was able to grab a crossbow and some arrows from one of the barrels just in time, thankfully she was able to run fast since her dress got ripped beforehand so it wasn't in her way. While running she pointed the crossbow behind her and tried her best to aim it at one of the knight's head, she pulled the trigger and the arrow rapidly shot towards the knight but missed she tried again focusing more and was able to hit a knight maybe it was luck maybe it was skill but after that she bolted for the exit. Nakano got to the gates of the castle and looked back and saw the knights charging at her and they were coming fast so she had to think fast. Nakano realised there was no time to think and just went for it. She sprinted for the gate hoping to not be impaled by the spikes at the top she slipped just before she was going to jump and the top of the gate sliced a big cut in her thigh. There was too much adrenaline to feel the pain but she knew it happened. After she got over the gate, she ran to Yuki's small business as an umbrella maker hoping to see him.

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