(Cross heads straight to the palace as a stranger the king must recongnize and endorse your staying especially when you don't have anyone to stay with in the city)

( Cross was brought before the royal family and the chiefs of the city..)

King Morghdad: Whats your name young man?

Cross: My name is Cross

Sarah: (The kings first daughter) What a nice name for a charming boy like you..

Queen Rosalyn: Sarah your father is still talking!!

King Morghdad: Forgive my daughter's manners.. So where is Cross from?

Cross: Am just an humble servant from…. Down the hill..

Queen Rosalyn: Okay Cross as we can see you are just a young boy looking for shelter, you must have lost your parents in a war or something.

King Morghdad: You would be a very strong and useful man.. which work can you be given??... You don't just expect Wallnock to give a total stranger shelter and food without working for us.

Sarah: I think Brock complained about the low amount of chefs in the palace kitchen.

Queen Rosalyn: That is true my lord.

King Morghdad: Cross are you good in the kitchen?

Cross: Any Quest is okay for me my lord.

King morghdad: That's nice you have gotten an automatic place in the palace then, and you came at a very busy period.

( Cross was led to the Chefs quarters by one of the Chefs in the palace)

(Cross takes his luggage and enters the room allocated to him. He meets a tall blonde boy in the room)

Mike: Hey are you the new roommate?

Cross: Yes.

Mike: Wow (Takes his luggage) You are welcome man. You have to set your bed on the other side and the other wardrobe is yours. Enjoy your stay man.

Cross: You must be a very nice man.

Mike: I am Mike.

Cross: Thank you Mike. I can see nobody is around. Whats the problem..

Mike: Yes!! Tommorow is the big day..

Cross: What big day?

Mike: The day a virgin will be used as sacrifice for the great ARMANDA.

Cross: What?? A virgin?

Mike: Yes, it will be a very big day for the whole people of wallnock.

Cross: I will love to rest, it's been an hectic journey.

Mike: Okay, let me leave you to rest.

(Cross kept wondering why the hosplitality was so good in Wallnock, and why they were so nice… He slept off thinking about this)

Mike: (Barges into the room) Cross!! Cross!!!! Brock is around and he want to see you.

(Cross immediately rose up and ran outside)

Brock: Are you the new guy??

Cross: Yes.

Brock: You don't look me in the eye when you are talking to me, the next time you do that, it will leave you starving for a day. Is that understood?

Cross: Yes sir!!!!

Brock: You think we joke around here? You are here to work boy, and you must!!!! No time to sleep. (Hands over a bucket to him) Go get water lazy!!!!!!!!!

(Cross fetched water for the chefs till dawn before he was released.)

Mike: You must be tired.

Cross: Too tired!!!!

Mike: Welcome to Wallnock brother.

Cross: Won't we rest?

Mike: (Laughs) Sleep?? On Armanda eve?? You are so funny, we cant sleep especially the chefs. We cook till day break under Brock's watch.

Brock: What are you two doing here??

Mike: Hmm we are…. Hmm hmm

Cross: We are tired, and we are trying to rest.

Brock: Rest?? Under my watch??

Mike: No sir, we…

Brock: The new boy wouldn't lie Mike, You too will work break in the fourth floor. (Leaves)

Cross: What's the Fourth Floor??

Mike: We are gonna watch all the dishes alone over five hundred dishes. We are dead.

Cross: We have up to ten hours left, we will do it.

(Mike and Cross immediately runs to the fourth floor)

Mike: (Opens the door) Oh my God!!!!! ( Covers his nose)

Cross: (Enters freely) what's the problem with you. The smell means nothing to me, we've gat no time let us make it snappy.

(Mike and Cross started washing the dishes. It is 1am already and everyone had slept already everywhere was silent and dark except the kitchen. Cooking was forever ongoing. Suddenly a teenage girl was seeing dragged out of a small room by two knights)

Cross: Who is that?

Mike: That is another maid from the palace.

Cross: Where are they taking her to?

Mike: To the demon Armanda. She has been nursed from birth, so she wont be disvirgened. What a pity she will be devoured by Armanda tonight.

Cross: What a pity? What is her name?

Mike: Her name is Vera. A very nice girl in the palace. What a pity.

Cross: Did you just say Vera!!!!!!!!!!!!

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