Cripple Ages Book

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Cripple Ages


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He is the most wanted terrorist in the world. Though, he is also the most bullyable guy on Earth. Yet he is also the uncrowned king of Earth. The thing he created has killed millions of humans from the top of the pyramid to the pest in the underground. “As you see I’m a bullyable guy, an orphan from birth, weak body, not having left arm from birth, awful appearance… Why did I need to kill anybody when those bullies were the closest to me!” “You know, I’AM the victim of that bastard! He is the one who kills those millions of people! He.. He.. HE EVEN KILLS ME!” Yes, he died in the hand of his newfound blood brother… -story end… BUT! He is reborn in a magical world! WHY? God knows! What is he going to do in a magical world? WHO KNOWS! Just read it and tell me!