116 Chapter 116: Bait

Dean's back was already covered in sweat and he was breathing heavily as he ran across that place.

Those monsters were still chasing after him but didn't get any chance to land a single strike.

The boy had developed his agility above all other physical abilities that he needed. Since he wasn't that tall yet, nor that heavy, he couldn't rely much on his strength. That slavery daily routine robbed him of the chance to develop his muscles and brute force, so he couldn't do anything but increase his speed and reflexes.

Because of it, Dean was able to run while dodging the attacks of the Dreads.

It was quite difficult, he couldn't lie. Especially when you are fighting against a group of monsters that can come from any side, even above you.

'I just need to hold on for five or six kilometers. If I run fast for real, I can reach that place in just some minutes, even when needing to dodge all these attacks...' He calculated.

The boy wouldn't do something like that if he didn't have any chance of success. In truth, nonsensical effort wasn't something that Dean liked that much.

'It's hard to run away from multiple things when in the plains! I knew it already since I needed to escape from Dreads while hunting, but this is just too much! There is a bunch going after me!'

The boy leaped to the side while thinking about it just in time to avoid the attack of a Dread who jumped toward him.

Two other Scythes positioned themselves beside him and began to attack him nonstop.

Dean knew that they were trying to make him stop running, either from harming him or prompting him to stop to dodge their attacks.

The boy couldn't afford to do either one, of course. Even a second of hesitation would be enough to make him get his head separated from the neck.

Dean needed to dodge the attacks while running before, but it never became easier. In truth, he didn't learn until now how to maintain his balance and pace while doing it.

More Dreads began to gather around, leaping toward him and unleashing deadly and rapid attacks.

Right after he dodged one and left it behind, another appeared to replace its comrade and assault the boy.

Dean never lost his concentration and used his muscles to their limits to keep the fastest pace that his body allowed. At the same time, he emptied his reserves of "Willpower" to keep alluring the Dreads.

'I heard that act as bait was difficult, but this is way harder than I heard before!' The boy widened his eyes while seeing a bunch of Scythes flying past him and landing on his way.

Dean unsheathed his sword fearlessly while staring at the arms of those Dreads.

He needed to go through that barrier without losing speed if he wanted to keep alive and get going with his plan.

When he got into range, he used his impetus to jump, exerting as much strength as his tired legs could.

He gave a flying kick on one of the Dreads while swinging his sword and decapitating another one beside him.

The kick sent the Scythe several meters forward, not to mention the other that didn't have the chance to react before losing its head.

While he was in middle-air, the other Dreads gathered around could use their claws to cut Dean's skin. The boy felt a lot of pain, which made him nearly scream, but he held it not to lose his breath.

That risky maneuver, int he end, made him go past that barrier of enemies without losing speed.

'Grit your teeth and keep running! Grit your freaking teeth, Dean!'

The boy got relieved when he began to recognize the surroundings and knew that he was close to getting to the place that he was aiming for.

Anyway, it wasn't time to relax. Actually, the problems were just piling up.

As the Dreads saw that their delicious prey was still alive even after so much time of pursuit, they were going crazy. They wanted to kill Dean then and there. They wouldn't wait for any second more.

The Dread Commander was getting frustrated just as his subordinates, and in terms of speed, he was the most frightening one. For several times he nearly could catch Dean.

'D-damn it!' Dean cursed as he saw that the Dreads were using more "Chaos" to reinforce their bodies.

It wasn't just making them run faster, but also fly more accurately since their wings began to adjust to the weight of their bodies.

'Why only when I am getting near there? Why!?' He held tightly the grip of his sword with frustration.

He was nearly running out of "Willpower" and stamina. He wouldn't be able to keep up for any longer if he needed to fight while running.

The Dreads began to fly or run past Dean and do the same strategy of interposing his way.

'No! Don't think like this! Do they want to be stubborn and go hard on me? Fine! I won't go easy on them as well!'

Dean roared while giving wide strides forward and holding his weapon with both hands, aiming to clash with them regardless of how tired he was. He would keep pushing forward until he got to his objective!

In a frenzy, the boy began to swing his sword to all sides, but not randomly. Each slash was calculated to, at least, push away one or two Dreads in the way.

He felt his skin getting slashed several times, but the adrenaline in his blood helped to lessen the pain.

Bravely, the young swordsman broke through the waves of Dreads in his way, opening the path to his goal.

At some point, he faltered and his legs shook, nearly making him fall to the ground.

"Forward...!" He shouted to himself whilegritting his teeth and looking in front with glazed eyes. "Don't let anything get you down! Forget all the pain, surpass your weaknesses! Go forward!"

One leg after another, one slash at a time, step by step, he continued pushing his body and struggling to keep conscious.

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