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Crescent System


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That day, time froze. Everyone witnessed the same thing in front of them. A display exactly the same as that of a game. Coloured midnight blue along the rims and silver as the base, the black letters stood out on the small question. Everyone saw the question and yet, since that day. No one remembers it. Out of the 7.3 Billion people on earth that voted. 105 said "No". And by the end of the countdown four people didn't answer. "Those who emerged from the chaos shook the very core of society" Many historians have repeated this exact quote. Regardless of their answer everyone got two things. A chance to become something different, as well as what came to be known as the System of New Beginnings. These would soon change the lives of everyone, if not everything in the world... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Author's Note: This world is based off of earth at the start, if you find there is a place you don't know, I guarantee, if you use google you'll find it. I take inspiration from tons of books and you'll find some references to other books on Webnovel as well as other places as you read through. Every 3 chapters the perspective will change so make sure you remember when you want to read from someone's perspective. (It'll also be Labelled) There will be exceptions to this. Updates will be as regular as possible. Please take pity on me, school is cruel. I will get chapters up when I can. New cover credit goes to R4M#9795 on discord. I do not own it, I did not make it. I simply requested it.


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