2 My Son Ch. 2

Since the incident in my shop, my days have been filled with strange events that don't make sense especially now that Timmy is always asking who Alex is, I myself don't know who that child is and how can he bother me and Timmy. I wanted so badly to ignore all the weirdness that was happening, but I couldn't do that. Every time I think about stopping ignoring the disturbances, that ghost always tries to harm me or my son Timmy.

Like that time, when Timmy was playing alone in the living room and I sat on the sofa not far from Timmy, for a moment I felt like someone was watching us both. But I still think positively and ignore it, the longer I see a shadow approaching my son. When I turned my head, I saw a small creature, with an incomplete body, crawling rapidly toward Timmy. Suddenly I ran and grabbed Timmy's wrist and led him to run into the room.

At that time, it was clear that I saw Timmy's face, who was already very scared, because he saw the same thing but he couldn't move.

"Dad ... what was that? I'm afraid of dad."

Timmy said to me in a trembling voice.

"It's nothing dear, you wait here huh. Daddy get a drink for you, also to see if the creature is still there"

I said calming Timmy while turning my body toward the exit.

"I..dad ... w..what is that on your back?"

Timmy's voice sounded a little faint, but I sure wasn't a good thing. Suddenly I was banging my back, making sure nothing was stuck to my back.

On the sidelines of my busy chasing away the terrible creature, I heard Timmy talking to someone who knows where.

"Hey ... I know you did this, don't do that to Alex's dad. We're family"

When Timmy just finished his sentence, suddenly the creature on my back disappeared without a trace.

"Forgive Alex yes daddy .. he just wanted to play with you, because he said he also wanted to play with dad"

Timmy's words made me shudder and at once I saw a glimpse of a shadow behind my son. She smiled ...

Yes ... smiling with a terrible smile just like the first time she showed her form to me.

With the same words.

"Kill him ... I will kill him"

Immediately I took Timmy and took him to Aunt Merry's house.

Because I thought Aunt Merry was very religious, there was no way a demon would come voluntarily to Aunt Merry's house .. I drove the car as fast as possible, but it felt like the trip was going very slowly. To the point that I thought, is it possible that the ghost followed me out of the house, and slowed my driving speed.

I was driving very uneasy, and nearly hit a pedestrian or even a trash can on the side of the road before finally reaching Aunt Merry's house.


When I got there I went straight to Aunt Merry's house which is close to my shop.

I also went into his house and told me all the events that I had with Timmy, compared to hearing my story, it seemed he was more surprised when I said that the name of the ghost of the little boy who was bothering us was Alex. But when I asked him why he looked so surprised when he heard that name, he didn't answer anything and instead just walked away, leaving mom alone in the family room.

There were so many questions in my brain at that time, who was Alex, why he was haunting my family, why Aunt Merry was surprised and other things. Without realizing it, Timmy was asleep in my lap, and I could see the streaks of fear on the face of my only child.

"I will protect you son, whatever happens. Whatever it is"

I didn't feel my tears flowing

"If you were here, Kyle, maybe things would be different. Maybe Timmy would be happier"

I sobbed unconsciously. Reminiscing about my late wife is something that always makes my heart hurt, to the point that I want to die with her.

I always blame myself, because I feel like I failed to protect my little family.

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"You're weak ... you're sick ... you don't deserve to live ... hihihi"

I heard a strange whisper in my ear, until I was startled and woke Timmy who was fast asleep.

"What's the matter, dad?" asked Timmy, who was confused seeing me like a crazy person.

"No ... no son. Dad only dreamed." I explained to Timmy who seemed sleepy.

I also took Timmy to the room that Aunt Merry had prepared, and when I was about to enter the room, we passed each other at the entrance.

yes .. Me and Aunt Merry passed and she said something while smiling like a possessed person, what made me shocked half to death was the sentence she uttered.







"he will always be with you, as long as you haven't killed him .. hihihi"

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