1 chapter 1: Reunited.

A normal day ensued for the college. People hauled up in libraries cramming for tests, others rushing to classes or lectures hoping to sap the knowledge of their elders. Then there was Kit. Who spent most of his time reading fantasy novels and playing rpg's on any device he could get his hands on. His day unfolded like any other, although he had forgotten his phone in a class on the top floor of his college building. He had to sprint up the flights of stairs to get his phone as fast as possible as an event was happening at 4:30 pm that night he needed to be there for, as it marked a huge update to the game he had been playing since release. He knocked three times and entered

"Sorry to interrupt but i think i left my phone in my desk?"

The teacher replied "Yes that's fine. Be quick, i'll be right back class.

"Thanks" Kit nodded.

Just as the teacher left the room he then got a notification saying the release was re scheduled for 4:00. Sliding his back down the wall with a sad


He realised he wouldn't make it home in time. Noticing his obvious discontent a guy Kit had lessons with spoke out.

"Is everything alri...

Just as he was about to finishing speaking an earth shattering crash followed by loud winds ripped open the school ceiling. Blinding gold light with small, opaque ,detailed glyphs started circulating around them in a cylinder. The other classmates were shocked as they were no longer in their class but almost hovering in an empty void, highlighted and being guided by this weird light. Kit noticing this in amazement ran his hand through the edge of the barrier. Interested in its structure and what lies outside whilst everyone else stood dead still in disbelief. Just as he leant out a sharp


could be heard. the class landed in a grand hall. decorated with royal features and guards lining the pillars surrounding the burnt circle they had arrived inside. While few began freaking out and some not accepting this as reality. The kingly figure before them's voice echoed in the large room they were now in; But everyone's attention wasn't on him as a body belonging to Kit lay lifeless on the royal red rug where they stood.

Kit in some form of astral projection floated in the nothingness that surrounded him. Time, place and direction, all unknown.

He lay dorment and comatosed in a fetal position as he glided through the void. Until a light shone out from in front of him. Instantly aware he propels himself toward the warmth of whatever it was... something, anything. He grasped outward as he reached the doorway, disappearing through it. Thinking to himself

"finally! A way out!"

Now feeling his physical body he attempted to open his eyes. Feeling like he had been asleep for centuries, he toiled to open them. He awoke to being in darkness but something was different. He attempted speaking.


He realised he was submerged and struggled to swim upward, banging his limbs against glass or some hard and clanging wall. Whilst struggling his hands gripped thin wires that were connected to his body. More he struggled and cried. Confused as to why he hadn't drowned. Calming down, he attempted to recall what had happened.

"I remember being pulled upward by something gold that surrounded me, then next thing i know we are no longer in the school. Wait i wasn't alone either, right that class... I then messed around with the edge of the light and that's all i can remember until now."

Just as his thought ended lights illuminated further away from him, it was dim but he could tell he was either in some industrial building or some huge subtaranian area due to the lights covering such a vast area and the features he could identify being storage and crates of some kind. Alarms sounded as the lights began quickly sparking to life, slowly making there way towards him. When the nearest light came on he had a good view of his situation. He shouted instinctively causing bubbles to spray out from his mouth as oxygen escaped rapidly. what he saw when he looked at him, wasn't him at all; or at least compared to how he once was. He was in a large see-through and tubular casing. Similiar to others which abundantly lined the warehouse he was in. He could see other creatures submerged and still, floating around him. What terrified him the most though wasn't the other things he saw, but himself. He easily stood now at 7 foot, he knew he was never that tall. His skin a jet black with shiny red veins or what resembled circuitory scattered on his body brightening every few seconds, he had no clue what his face entailed but his musculature was way more defined, with metal coils attatched to his skin. Accompanied by wires and tubes. His eyes were lit with horror. His body trembling at this nightmare... Until the alarm stops and a shadow emerges from in front of him. A woman in what looked similiar to a lab coat blurred through the glass approached him with a grin. As their eyes met she proceeded to say with a smile.

"Now how did you wake up my pet?"

Kit closed his eyes wishing for this facade to end. Though all he saw when he opened his eyes was the same grimy and festering lab he was stuck in. With the woman studying his every move, from his eyes moving to his body still twitching from shock. As the woman came closer to the fogged case she became more defined and her feautures recognisable. She had dark red hair and had clothing Kit was unfamiliar to. Consisting of gold emblems and embroidary in the style of an overcoat with minor details disimiliar to what he has seen before. It didn't take him long, after seeing his surroundings, to know that wherever he was it was not earth and this woman was definitely not his friend. He had to find a way to escape. Kit came up with the idea of acting like he isn't very smart or has low intelligence as to not be suspected. But for now he just had to get out of this tiny prison.

He followed the woman's eyes around the room. She shouted excitedly.

"Oh! I've got an idea, do you wanna get outta there? Seeing as how you have woke up so prematurely."

Nodding, he knew this would be his chance to escape but he would first need to know what he was up against. The Woman introduced herself in a sarcastic manner as to assume Kit wouldn't understand.

"Why hello test subject A1997RL labelled hero, for short. I'm Clerina. How nice to meet you."

Slightly pissed off by her tone he remained unreactive while Clerina took out a book with foreign markings on the front. She then pulled out a cystal from her pocket and chanted in whispers under her breath. To Kit's amazement the crystal lit a-fire with a purple flame and expanded outward. Materialising as a staff of sorts like one from the rpg's he is so used to. Excited beyond measure, forgetting his predicament he watched dutifully as she connected the staff to a hub near his cell and began what looked like she was injecting mana or some power into it. Kit now noticed the liquid he was in slowly draining out. Until his face was clear out of the substance.

Clerina called over some well armoured guards. Wearing finely polished-black fullbody armour With spikes on the shoulders and forehead of the helmet. Only giving what looked like a thin line between the visor for them to see, so you couldn't see their eyes. Kit thought to himself.

"I'm gonna survive this, i just need to find a way out of here, or wherever here is, and find out what's happened to me. Wait did she say hero?"