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Creature Reincarnate


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a reincarnation story of a 17 year old boy who is turned into something not all too human in anothet world. During the transmigration the MC is seperated from his body as he left the cylinder of light transporting his class and him. Whilst his physical self was transported across successfully. His soul was cast out. because of this mistake there is a gap between the arrival of his consciousness and his body. But when he is finally reunited with himself in a world where his imagination would thrive he is instead met with his body having been tampered with. Pipes connected to him, artificial tissue merged with his previously assumed corpse and an overall inhuman body. This story follows his escape from the harrowing situation and how he can evolve with the new abilities tested for the purposes of a weapon: being able to store large amounts of mana in his body, catalysing magic to increase its power and the ability to absorb the life essence of anything he defeats as well as many unknown abilities. How this affects his interactions with those he crosses; and how he utilises them for his own gain in a world filled with magic and mystery for what should have been his fantasy in a game like world.


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