1 Chapter 1

"Every one, hand over your cell phones, jewelry, and anything of value! If you resist I will not hesitate to shoot you." The terrorist said wielding a gun while pointing it at everyone on the plane.

Let me backup a bit. Hi, my name is Rex. I'm an orphan, both my parents died in a car accident but only I survived the accident because I was in the back of the car. The Who adoptee me we're wealthy people. I grew up with a good education and some privileges, but thankfully the money didn't go to my head. Instead I used the money parents gave me to try and create an alternative and more effective way to have access to clean water. When I finished I went to a lawyer to get a patent on my new invention and I was able to sell it for millions. After I become rich using my own money I bought a nice house and binged watched a lot of anime. My favorite anime is Boku no Hero Academia(My Hero Academia). I was currently on a plane ride on my way to the San Diego Comic-Con where Kohei Horikoshi was to do a signing. That was the plan but when we were about half way a terrorist showed up.

"Come op, hurry up! Give me all your valuables!" He yelled.

"You! Grab this bag and collect everyone's valuables!" He said to me handing me a leather bag.

I then take the bag from him and started walking around collecting everybody's valuables.

"Hurry it up!" He yelled.

By the time I was done the sack was really heavy, so I came up with an idea. While I was walking up to the terrorist I came up with the plan. The plan was that I would hit him in the head with the sack of valuables and take away his gun.

*Whack* Was the sound of the bag of valuables hitting the side of the terrorists head knocking him out.

*Cheer* everyone on the plane cheered when I knocked out the terrorist. But when I went to check his body for more weapons I found out he was wearing a suicide vest. But then all of a sudden he woke up and we started fighting. I tried leading the fight to the entrance of the plane.

"Hurry, everyone buckle in. It's going to be bumpy." I said while fighting the terrorist to everyone on the plane.

I waited for everyone to buckle in before I opened the emergency hatch to the plane. Before he could do anything I jumped out while holding the terrorist. When we were 100 feet from the plane we blew up.

It was dark, and I couldn't see anything. Then I heard a voice.

"Welcome to purgatory young one." The voice said, it sound suspiciously like Morgan Freeman's voice.

"Why am I here?" I ask Morgan Freeman's voice.

"You died sacrificing yourself to protect the people on the plane. Resulting in gaining a lot of karma points." He said.

"What are Karma points, and what do they do?" I ask.

"Karma points are good acts you perform in the form of points. Depending on the people who gain a lot they are a candidate to reincarnate and have a certain amount of wishes depending on how many karma points you have. The average person gains about 300-500 karma points. You on the other hand are not an average person. You have gained about six billion karma points because you created the more effective way to get water and you saved those people on that plane." He said informing me.

"Now what happens? Can I reincarnate? How many wishes do I get?" I ask.

"Well, you get to choose what world you wish to got to, and the timeline. And I will give you 4 wishes." He said.

"Are you saying I can go to any world real or not?" I ask.

"Yes, you can go to any world except for the world you were just in. And you get to pick how you start off." The voice said.

"Okay then, can I wish for anything?" I ask.

"Almost anything, but I will be putting restrictions depending on what you wish for." He informed me.

"Well then, I wish to be reincarnated into the world of Boku No Hero Academia." I said.

"That can be arranged." Said the voice.

"My first wish will be to have the quirk, quirk creation. Basically I can create and acquire already existing quirks." I said.

"Well that's going to be a bit complicated, but it can be arranged. I will be putting some restrictions on your quirk such as, when you create your quirk you have to know everything about it, and how it works. The other restriction is, is that any quirks you create that are not passive you can only use one at a time, until you train your body to be able to use more than one at a time." (A/N sorry I'd this is confusing) He said.

"For my second wish can I have a status window but without the system options such as inventory, quests, and shop, but can it only show the quirks that I acquire, and even though I don't want the other options can I still have the system voice?" I ask.

"Why do you not want a system?" He asks.

"I don't want a system because I want to be able to create my powers without anyone or anything's help. And doing those missions suck because of the conditions and punishments if not completed correctly." I said.

"I guess that can be arranged as well." He said.

"As for my third wish can I have a body that withstand holding more than one quirk without having any problems. If and when I create or acquire a mutation quirk I will have the ability to transform out of the mutation quirk and go back to original body." I request.

"That can be arranged but it will be a bit hard to achieve. You will have a maximum of 14 quirks in your body. You will be able to increase the maximum capacity. But only through training your body. What will be your nest wish?" He said.

"For my fourth wish can I have a photographic memory." I said.

"That can also be arranged." He said.

"Thank you." I said.

"As for the when. When in time do you want to go to?" He asks.

"Can I be reborn the same year as midoriya?" I ask.

"That can also be arranged." He said.

"Okay thank you." I said,

"Good luck." He said.

"Thank you, good bye." I said as my vision turns white.

The next thing I hear is

[Hello user. I am the ability system.]

"Are you the system that God gave me?" I ask.

[Yes, Yes I am sir.]

"First can you not call me sir?" I ask.

[Certainly, what do you want me to call you.]

"Call me Rex." I said to the system.

[That can be arranged Rex. Will you be willing to give me a name?]

"First, are you male or female?" I ask.

[My gender is irrelevant. But you can choose my gander/voice and my name.]

"Then I choose for your voice to be female, and your name will be Sabrina." I said.

[That can be arranged.]

"Where am I?" I ask.

[Right now you are in your mother's womb.]

"When will I be born?" I ask.

[You will be born in about 2 hours.]

"Can I see my status?" I ask.

[Yes Res. Here are your Status.]


Name:Rex Takahashi

System name: Sabrina



1)Quirk creation:(A) (Active)-The user has the ability to create or replicate any quirk

Weakness-The user can only use 1 quirk at a time, when creating/acquiring a quirk he can only create 1 quirk every month or so due to the cool down period.


~~2 hours later~~

In the process of being born was painful. As soon as I came out the doctor held me by my legs and spanked me.


That was the sound of me being spanked to breath.

"God damn that hurt." I said but was translated to "Wahhh"

I was then handed to a fearsome woman who looked like a humanoid version of a shark, she had blue skin, razor sharp teeth, claws with webbing for hands, gills on her neck, and a large fin on her back. Next to her was a man who had a magnificent face that could make any woman fall in love with him.

"What shall we name him?" Asked my father.

"Rex, Rex Takahashi." She said.

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