Creating the World's First VRMMORPG
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Creating the World's First VRMMORPG


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What is Creating the World's First VRMMORPG

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Luo Yi was a Game Designer who's goal is to become a billionaire through creating games, but after having his first created game being branded as a failure, his hopes of achieving his goal became zero as no company had any more interest in hiring him and without friends and money to further continue his career all hope was lost, but that was until the VRMMO System came. [Congratulations to host for becoming the first Holder of the VRMMO System!] "Wait what!? hold on, I got a system? Similar to those novels I've read? Holy sh- Calm down" "What is the VRMMO System" [The VRMMO System assists the host in making the first VR Game with 100% Reality] "Holy Sh-"


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I've been looking for a vrmmorpg game where the main character creates the world so thank you the updates are a little late but other than that i really enjoy it and want to see more chapters


This is a very interesting and promising concept that has a lot of potential. Its written in a loght tone with lots of jokes and memes but that doesn’t detract from the story but suits it. hopefully this Is updated continuously as im interested in seeing where it can go


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