Hey loves💕

This is my first book on Wattpad and I'm actually nervous about what you guys would think about my book but I'm sure you would love it. Just give me a chance 😇


There will be different POV as in it's not only one person that will be narrating, other characters will have the chance to speak too.

I don't have a specific lead character either.

You would come across Nigerian slangs and words e.g Pigin English, Yoruba, etc

Criticism is allowed but only constructive criticism. I don't want anyone to start insulting my hard work biko. It is not easy to write ooo🚶

I actually don't know when I will be updating🤷 but I know that I'll keep writing

I started this book to entertain and also because I got some encouragement from an editor not to keep my ideas hidden.

Feel free to point out any form of errors in my writing...we all make mistakes

Copyright 2020

Please plagiarism is not allowed oh. I beg you oooo. I spent a lot of time writing this book so you all will enjoy it.

Please oh so that we won't have to use charms to fight 😂lol just kidding though but still don't copy my book.

If you want my characters to feature in any of your books, feel free to contact me don't do it behind my back.

Any names, character or events found in this book is fictional so if any of them is related to you, it is coincidental

For those of you that listened I am already liking you❤️