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Creating The Real Us


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Crownsvielle College. Where it all started The betrayals, the love, the secrets It all started there. Will a group of teenagers be able to survive through the persecutions and the worst days of their school lives? They will But what if their families get involved and come crashing down right in front of their faces? ..... That's for me to write and for you to find out. Tamilore's POV I can't believe he did that David's POV I want to forget it all Leonard's POV Sometimes the person you love is perfect but the relationship is all wrong Jason's POV This is my life now. Whether I like it or not Temilade's POV My past has taught me to always put family second Ethan's POV They say the poor are the happy ones but won't they be happier if they were rich Chuks POV The things I watched as a little kid made me this way Farayola's POV It hurts when you look back and realize that you're the reason for your own downfall. You can't just seem to blame someone else Liam's POV I want love but I can't suffer for it Isabella's POV I failed as an elder sister Folarin's POV How can you make an homosexual girl love you? Fiyin's POV I just want to be there for my friends. Adesua's POV I found love in a broken boy Madison's POV I became a bitch so I could fight a love battle for a psychopath. In the process, I lost all my friends. Miss Raymond's POV It's wrong but feels right. It will lead to my doom... I'm sure of it. Kiki's POV My parents made me who I am today. Esther's POV I don't let hard time pull me down. Warning: There's a lot of plot twist. Copyright 2020 Support my book please ❤️