32 Chapter 32: End of Assessment Team Battle

"Akabane's understanding of genjutsu is beyond my imagination."

In Hokage's office, Hiruzen watched the test using his crystal ball, while holding his pipe.

At first, he was confident enough with his team's skill, even if he knew that Jiraiya would be captured, Orochimaru and Tsunade must have another way to plan a counter-attack.

But with this current situation, it would seem impossible for them to turn the table.

"The basic usage of genjutsu was to deceive, using genjutsu and combined with shadow clones and Kekkei Genkai at the same time was unnecessary.."

Danzo had a very subtle expression of admiration on his face, and then he sighed lightly, "It's a pity."

"Maybe after more experience, he will change."

Hiruzen said lightly.

In their view, Akabane's laziness was his biggest enemy.

At this time, the battle situation they saw in the crystal ball changed again, and the unmoving Orochimaru in the image finally took action, but he was facing a different enemy.


"Is he real or not?"

Orochimaru snaps out of his mind. He doesn't have much time to think and must react with his instinct.

Murasaki launched towards him swiftly.

Following his instinct, Orochimaru threw multiple shurikens, and the shuriken shuttled past Murasaki.


Orochimaru got up and wanted to escape to a better spot, but another Murasaki appeared, stopping his plan.

What is it now?

There was a continual perception bending of which one was real and which one was not, without the slightest room for respite.

"Wind Release: Great Breach!"

A strong wind came from his mouth.

However, Murasaki, whom he thought was a clone, jumped up to the branches and prepared to cast hand seals

"Damn.. that one's real?"

Orochimaru panicked, suddenly he felt a presence below his feet.

"Earth Release: Headhunting Jutsu!"

Earth Release!?

"No wonder Akabane managed to follow me closely."

"Substitution Ju—"

Before Orochimaru managed to use his substitution Jutsu, he was dragged down to the ground, leaving only his head outside.


"It was a shadow clone all along!? Ahh… I lost badly.."

The one figure that he thought was Murasaki was only a shadow clone, that's why it managed to avoid his ninjutsu, and the real and only opponent he had has always been Akabane, who lurked underground.

"Uhh, hello there, my friend.."

Akabane smoothly greeted Orochimaru, who was stuck halfway in the ground.

Orochimaru hasn't learned any earth-release ninjutsu. Thus he could only stay there and wait.


He looked up as if he was thinking deeply, then sighed and said, "The choice I made to fight with you was a mistake. If I prioritize saving Jiraiya first, we won't necessarily lose this test."


"You do underestimate our team 7, but I've almost depleted all my chakra. If you could hold on to the fight a little longer, maybe it will be my loss."

Akabane smiled lightly.

Orochimaru closed his eyes. There was a lot to learn from this battle.

In that short time, Akabane had used two shadow clones, two genjutsu, two kekkei Genkai, demonic illusion, and finished it with earth release. That amount of chakra used has far exceeded the scope of an ordinary genin.

Hah.. he is indeed a prodigy…

As for Tsunade, she gave up her chance of attacking to save Jiraiya, but her strength alone couldn't pass Murasaki and Sakumo easily, and she will eventually run out of stamina.

"Don't think too much about it. It will be very troublesome for you to run away. It would be better for everyone to stay still."

Akabane glanced at Orochimaru, not wanting him to escape.

Orochimaru is still very immature now, but he will have a high probability of trying to escape.

"Akaba-kun, you are a tough one to fight, it's lucky that we're from the same village.

Orochimaru sighed lightly.

"Same goes with you.."

The praise from someone who would be the Three Legendary Shinobi made Akabane a sense of satisfaction, but that was it.

A compliment is completely out of proportion to the hard work they have done today.

"Let me come out. I won't try to escape."

Orochimaru's head moved, "It's uncomfortable to stay here any longer, and I can't read my book."

"Um… wait a minute."

Akabane got up, looked at the sky, then waved his hand, and said, "Sarutobi-sensei, are you seeing us? I've made Orochimaru admit defeat. I'll get him out, okay?"

After saying this, he pulled Orochimaru out of the ground.

Orochimaru looked up in surprise, then asked, "Is Sarutobi-sensei here?"

"Not here, but he can see us."

Akabane sat down and explained.

"Through the telescope Jutsu? I thought it was the ninjutsu you made up?"

Orochimaru only has seen the Jutsu from Akabane's comic, so he thought it wasn't real.

Then Orochimaru sat down and started to read seriously.

"Why are you studying every day?"

Akabane was a little curious. He glanced at Orochimaru's book, but he immediately avoided it, staggering his eyes, as if he didn't want him to see the title and content of the book.

"It's just some knowledge of ninjutsu."

Orochimaru's eyes were a little flustered, but his voice was still calm.

"Okay.. fine."

Akabane does not need to continue to dig deeper. After all, he was just simply curious.

One reads a book, and the other one is resting. They wait quietly to get called.

They don't know how long but a sudden call was heard.

"Orochimaru, Akabane, come here."

The sound of Hiruzen Sarutobi spread throughout the forest, and the final battle seemed to have ended.

"Then again, being Shinobi is a troublesome profession."


After finally having time to rest, He was called up again.

"Come on, Akabane.."

Orochimaru put away his books and went out to search for Hiruzen, which was where they gathered the first time.

Akabane followed Orochimaru slowly from behind.

"Give it to me. I haven't had breakfast… Ahhhh, Tsunade, you flat-chest!"

Before they arrived, Akabane heard Jiraiya's voice from afar.

Orochimaru left the forest and saw that Jiraiya was tied to a wooden stake, while Tsunade was eating a boxed lunch, teasing Jiraiya while eating.

"Orochimaru, this is yours."

Tsunade pointed her finger to a lunch box lying on the ground. Beside her, Hiruzen Sarutobi and Danzo Shimura had already been waiting for them.

Hiruzen did not speak a word, but Danzo smiled coldly and said, "Do you think you are qualified to eat?"

"I…I'm sorry, I'm not.."

Orochimaru said with a shame expression.

"Hahahaha, The mighty Orochimaru seems to be scared of Danzo-sensei."

Jiraiya laughed wildly, and then struggled on the stake, "So give me the box lunch, I'm so hungry."

"Oh, why should I?"

Hiruzen asked curiously.

Orochimaru didn't expect that Hiruzen would question that because, according to the rules, people tied to a tree would be sent back to the academy.

The box of lunch represents not only a meal but also an apprenticeship.


Orochimaru glanced at Jiraiya but hesitated again.

"I will speak on his behalf. Simply put, he thinks that Jiraiya is so stupid that it is understandable, and he cannot be forgiven for being defeated carelessly."

Akabane explains for Orochimaru.


Jiraiya confused for a moment and glanced at Orochimaru, his face undoubtedly agreed.

"That being said, so was I. After all, I was defeated."

Tsunade hesitated for a moment.

"The mission is over. Team 7 can go back and self-train."

Danzo turned and left coldly.

"This…well, let's go back."

Murasaki understood that this was the internal affair of team 6 and had nothing to do with them.

Akabane was so happy that it finally finished, and he could take some rest. And The rest was not his problem.


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