215 The Light Of Shandora: "WE'RE HERE!"

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Two years ago, in the ruins of Shandora.

On that day, Rob brought Olvia and her group of waitresses here to give her the Poneglyphs as a gift.

Before that, he had lowered the golden bell containing the Poneglyphs below it from the top of the giant vine.

He also brought down the lost Golden City which was within the clouds right under God's Shrine. And he returned it to its true place in the right eye of the skull.

Of course, he didn't destroy the god's shrine in this process, but he expelled Gan Fall and his subordinates from it without giving them any face.

Gan Fall was not dissatisfied and agreed to move to another location in the Upper Yard.

Olvia, Rouge, Sora, Matriarsh, and Bell-mère were reminiscing about that day.

The day Rob told them the story of an unlucky man who lived 400 years ago.

[Flashback start]



"... Admiral Noland's ship was lost in the storms-filled Grand Line, but the ringing sound of a bell shortened the distances and reached Noland's ears pointing at him to follow the sound as if the bell were saying 'We are here!"

"Because of that bell's sound, Noland and his crew finally made landfall and rejoiced because they hadn't trodden solid ground in a long time. Jaya was 400 years ago the land they have trodden on. But soon they ran into trouble. Jaya had its own native people who didn't like foreigners and they called them invaders."

The story was intriguing for an archaeologist with a penchant for the past like Olvia, so she was listening with intense interest and didn't miss any details, no matter how small.

Even Bell-mère, who was a naughty 16-year-old at that time, was drawn to the story and she listened in astonishment.

The same for others.

"So what happened next…? There must be some reason for the Shandians to be angry with Noland and his comrades… They were good friends a little while ago… What happened?"

"I will continue... Be patient… because he felt guilty after learning from his subordinate that they had sinned by cutting down their ancestral spirits' trees. He ordered his subordinates to leave all the gold they had taken as a penance for their mistake."

"But when the ship was already sailing out of Jaya, Kalgara who looked sad arrived and kept screaming that he would wait for Noland to return and that Shandora's light would still guide him the next time he came to this island... At that moment, the good friends knew there was no disagreement between them. So Noland left with a relaxed mind, hoping to come back."

"That's great! It's good that the misunderstanding has been resolved!"

Olvia was happy with this happy ending.

"Yes, I'm happy too!"

The same was true of Sora who wiped away a small tear that formed in the side of her eye, but her smile was even brighter.

"Umm, me too, I wasn't expecting Noland to really not be a liar and find the Golden City already… But what happened that he was later called a liar?"

Rouge wanted to know the real reason for everything.


After a while, the girls' smiles turned into tears of sadness, unable to smile again... Because the end of the story was very sad and undeserved.

"In the end, Noland died and he didn't even know whether his friend was safe or not, even at the moment of his death, his only vacancy was the safety of his friend and his tribe... His death was very sad and he was called a liar for centuries even after his death... It was... Noland is a true embodiment of the heavenly injustice in this world."

"Kalgara also died in battle and his only regret is that he couldn't ring the bell again to guide Noland to Jaya again."

"This is where Noland the liar's tale ends."

Rob couldn't help but smile bitterly seeing the women's crying faces, well, even he cried so hard when he first watch Noland and Kalgara's story in the anime when he was still in his previous world.

"Sniff~ Dear... Why don't you ring the bell now... I think Noland will hear it wherever he is now..."

"This bell has been silent for 400 years... There's no problem for it to just be silent for a little while... I'll ring it in time, trust me."

"And when is the right time...?"

"When that day arrives you will know naturally."



[Flashback end]

Right now, the wonderful sound of a bell rang throughout the sky, even reaching the ground 10,000 meters away.

It was like a light illuminating everything, like the song of the gods, comforting and powerful. The sound of the bell interacts with the subconscious of its listeners directly.

Everyone in the art store could hear the ringing bell.

Olvia wiped her tears with a big smile on her face.

"So, the time has come, honey... You are so amazing!!"

"Yes, Brother Rob is very cool!"

Bell-mère wiped her tears as a sign that she remembered that story Rob told them two years earlier.

"I remembered that story too the moment I first heard Noland's name in the manga... Hearing it from Rob and seeing it in the manga are two completely different things... I wonder if Noland will ever hear the bell again?"

Sora's eyes were already red from crying.


"Sigh~ Rob always surprises me, what he did this time is unimaginably great, what he did for someone who died 400 years ago is a true nobility."

Rouge got lost in thought, the more she thought the more she felt that Rob was a great, very great man.

"As long as there is someone like the benefactor Rob in this world, everything will be fine... I wonder if seeing his future self as a cruel guy would negatively affect Enel-chan...?"

Matriarsh closed the manga she had finished and sat there listening to the great bell sound like everyone else in the store.

In the store's tavern, Pagaya and Claudia were stunned by the sound of the great bell.

"This is the island song...!?"

"So this is the island song that our ancestors heard 400 years ago… It's so comforting…"

"Husband... How about we speed up the birth of Conis-chan so that she can enjoy this wonderful sound like us in the future?"



In the personal section of the art store, Little Robin stopped playing with the other children and she stared in amazement at the ceiling... The place they were in was not like an enclosed space, but rather an open area overlooking the blue sky and white clouds. It was a perfect place for children to play in...

"What a wonderful sound... Is dad doing something great again?"

Little Robin tilted her head to the side in confusion but quickly shrugged her shoulders and thought her father was doing something again.

"I wonder does Father Rob ring a huge bell or something!?"

Little Hancock was more confused but the sound of the bell made her feel very comfortable.

The same goes for other children.


Hearing the sound of the great bell, the Shandians' eyes became misty and they wept bitterly in front of the statue of the great warrior Kalgara.

In the royal palace of Alabasta, Shandia Chief wiped his tears and closed the manga he had finished.

"The light of Shandora that we have longed to hear even once... Here it again rings with its sacred sound from the sky."

"The bell sound says... We're here!"

Gan Fall stood up and slowly walked towards him before bowing towards him in a sudden move.

"I know it cannot erase the grudge of a 400-year-old war, but I am sorry for all the sins my predecessors did to your tribe…"

"Gan Fall... God doesn't need to kneel to anyone."

"I am not a God."

Cobra looked at this scene in front of him and couldn't help but nod complacently, that was the point of the manga.

Making everything harmonious.

"I can't believe Enel has reached this stage of hatred in the manga… He really destroyed Angel Island…! But he survived in the end… Don't say... The endless land he aspires to go to…"

"Does he intend to return to 'Vearth'!"

For the God of Birka, this question was more important.


The skypieans who saw their home destroyed in the manga cried because of the sound of the island song because it means one thing... When the bell rings again the fight will be over.

The people of Alabasta cried too, after all, although the Skypiea story had nothing to do with them, they were human and had feelings... The story of Noland and Kalgara was deeply moving.

Maybe because they didn't hear the bell that rang in the manga when Luffy hit it, they weren't too affected by the story, after all, it was still a manga story and not a living reality... But when the bell rang in the real world, their feelings were actually greatly amplified and a huge torrent of emotions occurred. Thousands of letters were sent straight to their heart with each ring of a bell.

I am the bell of Shandora's light... We're here... Once upon a time, I was the capital of history.

Every bell ring was saying those words.


















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