38 Mother-in-law

''I didn't lie. He did thrust me into the wall but he was too drunk to tell who I was. He thought I was looking forward to getting... laid...'' Diana cleared her throat as she placed a USB drive on the desk, ''He was with another woman who happens to be his classmate with whom he has been in an on and off relationship for some time. While there is no CCTV inside the apartment, I got this from the convenience store downstairs... This is the recording of that woman leaving the apartment.''

Thanks to Ivy and her super skills.

Diana was grateful to herself that she did not ignore the nagging feeling in her heart and took some precautions by asking Ivy to look into that woman.


The officer looked at her suspiciously, ''And you prepared this in advance?" he twirled the USB drive in his hand.

She stiffened.

Maxim placed a protective arm on her waist as he pulled her closer to him, "I prepared this for her given the threats.''

''Threats?" The officer's attention shifted to her said fiance who readily took the responsibility to his shoulders

Diana knew that it would arouse suspicions so she hadn't pulled it out earlier but with Maxim here, she did not want the matter to be escalated further.

Maxim glanced at the old lady, ''She wanted to sue my fiancee,'' Diana noticed how effortlessly he got into the act, the corner of her lips twitched ever so slightly.

The officer glanced at the grandson-grandmother duo who were pale by this time.

Diana narrated the whole incident briefly and the officer nodded at them, ''Apologies for the inconveniences. You can go now but you could be called for the follow-up investigations of this matter if you find anything else.''

Maxim glanced at Diana before he nodded. He pulled out a card from his pocket and placed it on the desk.

The officer nodded at them, ''Mr. Warner, Miss. Chen.''

Diana exhaled a sigh of relief as they finally turned around to leave while the officer interrogated the grandmother and grandson duo.

But Diana's relief was short-lived when Maxim whispered, ''He sent someone to follow us.''

Diana stiffened. That officer was suspicious of her. She glanced at the ring on her index finger, ''It's a mood ring that I got from Ivy. Last moment arrangement,'' she was worried that Ivy would spill this to Maxim so she prepared it just in case, ''He looked suspicious inside.''

As they reached outside, Diana hugged him without any warning, ''Honey~ I was so scared just now,'' she fake-sobbed, avoiding the eyes of the constable who was observing her.

Maxim stiffened, feeling her softness against his body.

''What do I do? I don't want to go to jail for deceiving an officer. Angel will miss me to death and I have no prior experience in jail,'' Diana whispered before speaking in a loud voice, ''Honey~ It won't happen again, right?"

Maxim pursed his lips. If she did not stop with her 'coy honey' then—


Both Maxim and Diana stiffened when they heard the voice.

Diana was stunned because it was a woman's voice and it sounded somewhat familiar for some reason.

In case it was his ex-girlfriend or future girlfriend, then this would land them in a mess. But regardless of who it was, the person called him in such an intimate manner that their cover would blow if she revealed something accidentally.

"Mom,'' Maxim slowly shook his head at her.

Diana's eyes widened. No wonder. No wonder the voice sounded familiar.

Diana stepped back from his body, an expression of dread taking place on her beautiful face as she looked at him 'What do we do now?' her eyes begged him for a solution.

'Go honey at me again' Maxim wordlessly mocked her before he looked back at his mother, ''We...''

''A new girlfriend? Oh my God, you didn't give me a heads-up...'' Hazel interrupted him.

Diana could see the constable's ears growing by four to five inches.

Yes, the said fiance's mother was clueless about her son's fiancee.

''We are engaged, Aunty,'' Diana spoke up. Staying in jail for the punch for a few hours should have been okay but deluding the authorities would land her in trouble big time, ''We... didn't tell you because I was not ready,'' she turned around to look at the woman, ''But please, do accept me, mother-in-law.''

Maxim: "..."

Logan: "..."

Hazel: "...''

''You…'' Hazel was in a daze as she examined Diana's face for a long time, ''Little Ana?"

Diana closed her eyes, and an overwhelming sense of guilt washed over her heart as she nodded.

''God...'' Hazel gasped, ''You... My daughter-in-law has grown up to be so beautiful. No wonder. No wonder my son never thought about settling down. He has been waiting for you all his life,'' she fanned herself.

Logan, who was standing behind the woman, felt his eyelids twitching. Just half an hour ago, she was adamant about him being her son-in-law, now she seemed to have found a more convenient anchor for herself.

His gaze met Maxim's who abandoned Diana with his mother without a hint of guilt, avoiding her wordless pleas for help as he approached Logan, ''Call my lawyer,'' he said.

Logan frowned, ''What's wrong?"

Maxim narrated the incident briefly, ''Check his past and see if he has any previous records. Regardless of it, check where he went yesterday, find evidence of him getting drunk and if you find any illegal activities, have the lawyer highlight that. But if there is nothing against him, then sue him for defamation.''

''But they have an eye witness,'' Logan frowned. This case was too weak.

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