3 The Day

As I woke up the next day the next day I saw it was still night as I looked out my window and I herd the quaking sound of ducks but I saw it was the hen was making all of that noise, so I rubbed my eyes because I taught was dreaming but I was not.

so I checked the clock and it said it was 6 : 15 in the morning.

After seeing that I rushed to find my phone because I taught the clock was broken but I was proven wrong after I found my phone.

I couldn't believe this was happening so I rushed to find my parents and my two sisters but they were nowhere to be found.

I panic for nearly 20 minutes. I felt like the world was coming to an end but it was not.

But however what was more strange that our pet cat sally started barking like a dog and that's when everything went blank and I fainted.

About half an hour later I woke up and I kept saying everything was just a dream.

And I kept on saying it in my head and then it hit me, if it was just a dream how come I'm in the living room.

I taught about it for a while but you know how the brain works, it just try to prove it wrong by the idea of me sleep walking but I believe it because it was just the logical explanation.

But however as I was just about to go back to my bedroom to sleep sally came and then she barked again and that's when it hit me real hard that it wasn't just a dream it's all real.