6 chapter 4


-m/n prov-

'urgh I can't believe I let that happen to my little zacky boo' I think to myself as a frown behind Zack's back. It's already morning and Zack is still sleeping like the little beautiful prince he is on my bed. I decided to let him sleep some more since he seemed tired but we were for sure going to be late for school so I have to wake him up. I go upstairs and go to my room. I open the door and see he cutely curled up in the covers with his cute messy bed hair. 'i should tell him he looks cute and better with his hair down and messy it suits him better and he looks hotter too~' I tell myself. I go up to the bed and sit next to him gently and move his hair out of his face. "What a beautiful angel~" I softly say. I start to shake him a little gently and he started to flutter his eyes and was soon awake but not really as he was still trying to open his eyes by rubbing them. "Good morning my little prince~" I say to him softly and I see start to turn pinkish red. "G-good morning m/n~" he tells me in tired deep voice and then he did something that surprised me. He got closer and quickly hugged my waist and just stayed there which I didn't mind so I started brushing his hair. "What's wrong Zacky?" I ask concerned. He didn't reply but all of a sudden my shirt start get wet. "Zack?! Are you crying???! What's wrong my prince?!" I said in panic as I lifted up his head to see his face and I saw his cute eyes flowing with tears and it made me upset. "M-m/n?" Zack choked out through his tears. "Yes?" I softly say "c-can I stay with you forever?...." He said crying. My eyes widen with shock what's with this all of a sudden does he not live well does his parents care or something???? "And why's that baby?.." I say more concerned. His bursts into more tears and I couldn't help it no more I hugged him and I he chokes out while hiccuping " m-m-my parents are abusive and I don't want to live there anymore.....i-it hurts m/n...please let me stay...." Once I heard those words I filled with rage and sadness I didn't know what to feel but I wasn't going to let them hurt my Zack and I will protect him at all cost. "Shshshhh.. it's okay Zack. You can stay. They won't hurt you anymore because I got you. I will protect you. This is your new home. You home.our home. Okay?" I say to him as I wipe his tears away and he nods in responses. " Hey Zack?" I say to him "y-yes?" He answers softly and cutely. " Will you be my boyfriend?" I tell him with a smile. His eyes widen in shock but soon he turned red like a tomato but them jumped intoy arms once again screaming out yes. I chuckle at his behavior. "M/n? Can we skip school today?" Zack ask me and I nodded back in response and he smiles cutely while cheering that he wasn't going to school. I lay down in bed and Zack gets on me and cuddles my chest and I hug his waist but all of a sudden Zack would stay still. "Zack what's wrong?" I ask. He looks at me blushes hard " u-um...m/n...c-can you f-fuck me?...." He says to me as he hides his face on my neck and I just looked shock that he wanted me to do him already but I could say no to his cute little face. "Of course my baby boy~" I tell him. He gets of me and lays down on bed and I up into a sitting position in front of him. I take off my shirt then I go to take off Zack's shirt and pants and I leave him only I'm his boxers. I go to kisses him but soon it get heated and our tongues are fighting for dominance but I win so I start to explore his mouth. Soon I stop to take a breath as a line of saliva trials from his mouth to mine. I start kissing his jawline and make my way down to his neck and leave some love marks. I hear is cute little moans coming out but I Know he's holding them in.

-zack's prov-

I try to hold in my moans to embarrassed to let m/n hear. I can feel him start sucking and biting my neck leaving love marks on me. He goes more down and start sucking and playing with my nipples. I moan so loud I could help myself it felt so good as I arch my back. I hear him chuckles on my skin which turns me on more. He finally makes his way down there and puts his hand in my boxers. I can feel his long slender cold fingers touch my member. He starts to play with it and out of no one where he thrust his hand and start bumping on it and I couldn't help myself but be a moaning mess. "You like that baby boy~"m/n asked me and I covered my face and nod in agreement. I feel him stop and I can finally take breath of air. He takes of my boxers and then throws them to the side and then he starts so undo his pants and he finally takes every off and I see his member and I widen my eyes at how big it is. I couldn't help but lick my lips and look at it lustfuly wanted a taste of it. So I get up and lay him down and start to lick the tip of his member And I can hear him groaning in pleasure. I finally take it all in gagging a bit but start bobbing my head up and down and swirling my tongue around it and I knew he was close because he was holding it in for a while so it didn't take him long that he came a lot in my mouth and I tried to swallow it all but some of it leaked out of my mouth. He then turns us around and starts playing my never again.

-no ones prov-

As m/n was playing with Zack's member. Zack was going crazy over m/n's touch that he moaning so much. M/n went to stick two fingers in Zack's mouth so he can make them slippery and wet and when it was good enough m/n put one finger inside Zack. "Ah! ~m-m/n i-it hurtssss!~" make yelled out as he digged his nails onto m/n's back. "It's alright baby soon it calm down and will be all pleasure after okay?" M/n told Zack. Zack nodded trusting his words as m/n put the second finger Zack digged his nails more deeper into m/n drawing some blood but Zack shut his eyes tight shut waiting for the pain to go away. "I won't move okay but tell me when your ready ok?" M/n told Zack and he nodded. When Zack was used to it he gave m/n a signal that he can continue so m/n started to slowly thrust his fingers in Zack and making sure to stretch him out good. And when m/n thought it was enough he pulled his fingers outs and lined up his member to Zack's hole. "Ready Zacky?" M/n asked Zack "yes daddy~" Zack said teasingly to m/n which triggered m/n to just go right in hard and deep. "F-fuck!~ m/n! Your so b-biggg!~" Zack moaned out. Zack could holding in no longer and came all over his stomach. "You came really fast and I haven't even started moving~" m/n told Zack. Zack blushes and hides his face with his hands and then m/n starts pounding on him and Zack is a moaning mess. After a few minutes of thrust and so on m/n finally cums inside Zack an pulls out. M/n pecks Zack's lips "I love you zacky~" he smile at him and Zack turns bright red and hides in m/n's neck " I love you too m/n". They both fall alseep in each others arms and are excited for what's waiting for them tomorrow.

(To be continued)

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