4 chapter 3

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WARNING smut?? Sorta? ****?

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(Left off)

-Zacks prov-

" So anything interesting you found?" M/n asked me. "Hmm. Well everything not new to me but I do like this place. It's very organized and clean." I say " that's good to here you like it here" m/n smiles to me.


-zacks prov-

" Wait actually, I think I'm still going to look around if you don't mind?" I said to him " nah feel free" m/n said to me with a smile. I nodded and waved bye as I left the room to go see the rest of the mansion. As I'm walking I come across three building. The one in the middle I already know it's the arena and m/n said the one on the right is the business building so I'm not going in there but what the one on the left. I forgot what he said it was. *Shrugs* oh well imma check it out. I walk twords the building and see it's black doors with black crystal handles. I grab the the handle and open the door and get hit with bright lights a hyped music. I also get hit with the smell of alcohol. I step inside and shut the door behind me. I'm standing in a somewhat dark room with party lights and a bar and pole stages everywhere some are guys with skinny bodies but have curves and the others is all type of girls with curves and are skinny too. I go sit down in one of the booths to just have a drink and see how they dance. I got my drink but I got bored of watching these half naked people. They weren't my type and they weren't that good so I just had some drinks while scrolling through my phone and listen to the music the DJ was playing. My phone buzzes and I get a text message from m/n.

đŸ’Ļ👅M/n: hey Zack. Where are you? 🧐🤔

Zack: I'm at that club building sitting here drinking and listening to music.

đŸ’Ļ👅M/n: imma join you. Order a drink for me please Zacky 😌😘

Zack: okay (❤ī¸đŸ–đŸģ✊đŸģI cought it oppa)


I can't believe he sent that and I responded like that. I hide my face in embarrassment but then I calm myself down and fix myself to order m/n a drink. I got the drinks and go back to the booth I was and sat down and started scrolling through my phone waiting for m/n to arrive. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up from phone to see who it is. It was one of the security from this building. "Um may I help you??" I asked the guy. "Actually yes~" he said to me and suddenly he snakes his arm around my waist and I just feel disgusting and look at him in disgust. "What do you think your doing?" I told him with a Stern tone. "Awe come on~ let's just have a little fun~" he smirks at me as he now has me trapped in his grasp. "Get off me bitch ass." I snapped at him. " Awh don't be like that~" he said as he grabbed my jaw harshly and started to kiss my neck. " I said get off you fucker!" I yell. He would listen and I couldn't get out of his grasp. I felt so helpless.... He started touching me...places...but suddenly the guy was on the floor coughing up blood. Then I looked to see who did that and I see a really angry m/n. I see him walk up to the guy and crouch down and grabs his face harshly. "Red. Did you just disobey one of my orders?" My hissed out to the dude. " S-sure- I-I- d-didnt mean it! I-i promise! P-p-please don't hurt me!" The guy begged m/n but I think m/n didn't care. He was to angry. Then m/n snaps his fingers and two other security come in. "Take him away to the room and strap him down." M/n hissed out. The security guards just stood there which made m/n even madder "Didn't you fuckin hear me! Get to it!" M/n yelled at them and they nervously walked to the the guy and took him away..... M/n looked at me and his expression changed to soft and guilty face. "Zack...I'm so sorry about him.." m/n said and came closer. I just stood there in shock but once I noticed he was getting closer I looked at him in the eyes which made him stop. "Zack? Are you-" I didn't let him finish as I ran to him and hugged him and hid in his chest/neck and had teary eyes. "It's okay Zack..I'm sorry for not being quick..." M/n said to me in a hush voice. " M-m/n?..." I say and he looks at me with soft caring eyes "yes love?" I sniffle and say "m-may I sleep over?.." I told him and then looked down waiting for him to reject.. "of course you can." M/n said as he lifted my head by pulling my chin up. I smile at him "t-thank you.." I say softly......

He kissed my forehead and said

"Anything for my beautiful boy~"

(To be continued)

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