2 chapter 2

-Zack's prov-

School ended and I waited for m/n in front of the school Gates and head to a cafe. "Where is he???" I thought to myself. Then I see him and he see's me and walks twords me. "Hi Zack! Sorry for the wait." M/n says while scratching the back of his head. " No I didn't wait that long it's fine m/n." I told him. " Shall we go then?" M/n says and I nod to him


We're in this small and calm cafe and we ordered are drinks and we sat and talked. "So what was it you wanted to tell me?" I told m/n. "Oh yeah!. Well first is have you ever met a Mafia Leader?" M/n ask and I nod my head no. " Well...I'm a Mafia Leader and where I'm going to take you is my Mansion..and there's going to be security everywhere but I'll tell them your welcomed anytime and to leave you alone." M/m told me and I looked at him in shock. " Your a Mafia Leader?!??!-" I whisper shouted and he nods yes. " Next is are you allergic to dogs or cats???" M/n asked me "no? Do you have pets or something?" I ask him. "Well not exactly people will call them "normal " pets" m/n said nervously while rubbing his neck "oh. What are they then?" I ask curious. "So there my pets but also my guards when my bodyguards are busy. So they are two wolves and two tigers..." M/n says nervously. " What?!-" I whisper shout. " Yeahhhh" m/n chuckled. I just stared at him in shock with my mouth open


I was standing in front of this huge gate just staring. "I'll introduce you to the my pets first so they know that your a good person and mean no harm." M/n said " oh okay" I say

He opens the door and there come running 4 big animals at m/n. "Okay zack. The white wolf is yin and black wolf is yan, okay?" He says to me and I just nod okay. " The while tiger is keem and the orange one is ash,alright?" He says to me " okay got it" I respond " come here and pet them zack, I promise they won't do anything okay?" M/n tells me and I nod and walk closer to m/n and the 2 big wolves and the 2 big tigers. I nervously reach my hand to yin the white tiger. I finally put my hand on it's head and it was very calm to my surprise and I went ahead to pet Yan to and so on with keem and Ash. I looked up to see m/n smiling at me and was very Happy the animals like me. But m/n and I started to head inside the huge house....


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-To Be Continue-

(Sorry for making it really short)


(Imma start it here ig lol)

- Zack'sz prov still-

" So Zack, welcome to my home~ your always welcomed here." He says and smiles " ah thank you m/n" I say back " oh yeah?! Before I forget..I need to give you spare keys!" He says while chuckling. " Oh okay" I say " stay here I'll be right back" he says and runs off but it didn't take long because he back already. " So all these keys are copies to my keys to every rooms or part of the house, okay?" He says to me and I nod. " Can I see the arena??" I ask m/n with sparkles in my eyes and he just chuckles "yes of course come here I'll take you" he starts walking so I follow.


We finally make it to the arena and it's fuckin huge! I just stare in shock and happiness. "This is amazing m/n!!" I shout excited "calm down big boy I get it" m/n says and chuckles at me. "I can't help it! It's like my own personal arena/gym!" I say as I throw my fist up in the air in excitement. " Well I'm glad you like it but if you excuse me I have something to do around the house if you don't mind and also help yourself to explore this arena or the house okay? And if you need me you have my number" m/n says and I he exit the arena. I start explore the equipment and other stuff this arena had. Wow..this is amazing! But I'm curious about other parts of the house..hmm...fuck it imma explore.


It's been a few minutes I think?? Or more I been exploring this huge place and haven't seen m/n once. I wonder where he is. Then I remembered I could text him.


Zack: hey m/n

M/n: hey zack? Did you need something?

Zack: no just wondering were you were because I want to hang out with you.

M/n: ah okay cutie. I'm in my office. It's by (someplace in the house) okay?.

Zack: oh okay I'll see if I kind find it lol. Cya in a bit.

After I sent that I put my phone in my pocket but I started zoning out and blushing because of what he called me then I shook my head and remember I have to find his office. I start walking and look everywhere and every door and what seemed like ages I finally found it and was greeted with a smiling m/n. "Finally. This place is huge" i tell m/n while chuckling. " You'll get used to it" m/n says also chuckling. " So anything interesting you found?" M/n asked me. "Hmm. Well everything not new to me but I do like this place. It's very organized and clean." I say " that's good to here you like it here" m/n smiles to me.

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