1 chapter 1

- authors prov?-

Zack was shocked and hurt when he found out that mira was going out with Zoe. He didn't know how to respond at all but he hide is emotions from everyone and act happy for them. Few days have past and the teacher came in making an announcement saying there's a new student. Everyone was whispering and asking questions.

-m/n prov-

Why is this teacher taking forever to open the door to let me in I said in my head a little pissed off. I finally see the door open as I sigh in relief. I walk in. "Everyone this is the new student" the teacher announced. " Sup I'm Min m/n. Nice to meet you all." I bow my head. " You can sit next to Zack Lee. Zack Lee raise your hand" the teacher says. Some dude with is hair back raise his hand and I walk to the seat next to him. Then out of nowhere next to the Zack dude, there's a kid waving at me with a Blondie next to him. I just wave back and face the front board. It's way boring so I just spent my time on my phone.

-time skip-

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*The free bell rings*

I get up and look for something to drink. I finally get to the vending machine and pay for my drink.i start making my way back to the classroom. I get in class, go to my seat and open my drink and take a sip of it and closing it placing it on the table. I felt a tap on my shoulder so I looked to see Zack tapping me and the point at that kid from earlier. "Hi Min m/n. I'm park Daniel but you can call me Daniel. Oh! And this other here is Hong Jay but just call him Jay" he said pointing at the blonde. Jay just saved at me. " Then the one next to you Lee Zack but just call him Zack." As he finished introducing everyone with a smile one his face. " Nice to meet Daniel, Zack, and Jay but you can just call me m/n" I told them with a kind smile. He looked so Happy that I responded and that made me chuckle. Daniel and Jay went of to buy some snacks. I had nothing better to do so I might as well talk to this Zack guy and know him better. "Hey Zack?" I say and he turns to look at me "what m/n?" Zack says "so I was wondering if we could get to know each other better since we're going to be partners" I told him and he just raised an eyebrow and sighs " I guess so" he lets out "thank you Zacky for being nice" I say as I gave him a closed eye smile. " W-what don't call me t-that. That's embarrassing." Zack says all nervous and red. Cute I thought to myself. "Anyways tell me about yourself Zack~" I ask him "well there isn't much about but I do like boxing." Zack tells me while rubbing the back of his neck. " Hmm interesting.. I have a boxing arena at my house but I don't use it or at least go in there or anything." I say boredly. I see Zack look at me interested " you have your own arena in your house and don't use it!?!" Zack whisper yells at me but I just nod " what a waste m/n" Zack crosses his arms "hm I mean since you like boxing and can make you a second key to my house so you can use the arena whenever you like?" I tell him with a straight face. Zack face lit up at my words " really!? You would do that!?" He shakes my shoulders but I just nod at him " m/n your amazing! Thank you!" He tells me and I just pat his back "no problem Zack. Like you said it would go to waste." I say back to him. " Butttt....there's a problemmm" I say with a sweat drop and looking away. "Huh? What is it?" Zack says confused "well I can't tell you here there's to many head how about after school we go to a cafe and I'll tell you?" You told him and he nods

- to be continued-

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