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M/n went to Zack and said "Zack" and Zack turned to m/n "yes" and he just wanted for m/n reply "Zack did I ever tell you that you got cake" m/n said with a smirk Zack blushes madly and turned away to hide hide blush and m/n gets close and grabs a hand full of Zack's ass cheek. Zack flinched and blushes even more. 'fuck he's Messing with me' Zack thought to himself as he could hold it anymore. "Please!just touch me already!..." He says to m/n while grabbing his caller in frustration but looks down blushing red. M/n smirk as he grabbed Zack by the neck with his hot masculine vein popping arms and hand (like those fuckin thirst trap E-boys lol) and pushes Zack to the floor on his knees. Zack just kneeled down hopelessly but also did in on his own "if you really want me to the you gotta pay first~" m/n looked at Zack with lustful eyes and licked his lips as he brushed Zack's hair out of his eyes. Zack nods "yes daddy, I will earn my reward." As Zack said that he start to unbuckle m/n pants and see his underwear and the bulge sticking out. Zack started at m/n bulge with hunger. Zack reaches his hands to the bulge and takes out m/n long hard bulge. He gasp and moans of the sight of it. "Go ahead baby boy have a taste~" m/n smile and caressed Zack cheek as Zack look at him with lustful but puppy eyes. 








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