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Courting The C.E.O.


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What is Courting The C.E.O.

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“Mister, it seems like you are attracted to me. How about we get married?” Selene smoothly jumped into his arms and carelessly touch his face. She looked exactly a villain who seduces a king.   She gulped when he saw his pale lips with a smirk. She was not annoyed by the smirk rather enticed. She felt that the man is so dangerously handsome. She learned towards him and cupped his face.   The door suddenly opened with Ella entering while holding a folder. Her eyes widen and accidentally dropped the folder. Selene create a distance to him and created an awkward situation. Selene just cleared her throat and pretend to fixed her wrinkled clothes.   “CEO Wang, I can see that you already meet CEO Hendrix. The files needed are already in the folder. I’ll just go get some coffee.” Ella immediately picked the folder, put it in the table and run as if someone is after her life.   Selene was stunned and stared at the man infront of her. She knew that she created a mess but she can’t helped it so just escalate it further. She smirked and put the folder in the trash.   “CEO Hendrix, please forgive me for not recognizing you just now. Just forget about the project but please consider my proposal. Marry me!”   …   “Since you boldly propose to me. Isn’t it a perks for me to kiss you,” Zain smiled playfully  and wrapped her hand the Selene’s waist. He leaned towards her and sniffed her torso. Selene shivered and pushed Zain away. She walked away from Zain and cleared her throat.   “I… I… I need to go to the company.” Selene rashly stated and run away. She was quite nervous. Zain followed Selene with his stares and can’t help himself but smile.


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