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Countess Winter


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Sasha winterchild lost it all due to her own follies. she is determined to protect her kingdom, yet, the fire empire is hell bent on conquering it. When a dragon prince brings his dragon to threaten her, she befriends the dragon. With this dragon, and her wits, she will blaze a path through her enemies, take back every thing that her family lost. Dan Frost lost it all despite living virtuously, and striving for betterment of all. He now had only one aim, enjoy every day like his last day. However, when his only family is hell bent on conquering the world that's only ever heading towards destruction, what is he to do? Should he run away with her ? or fight with her? Xena Winterchild left it all, and ran away. Yet, her sister is fighting her way through impossible odds. Should she stay away, or join her sister? what about her love Justin, who is but a commoner, but left all that he has just to follow her? Ryan Winterchild was locked in his own body with an supernatural being which is pulling strings sending all of his family towards their doom. Will he ever be able to break out and help his family ? wars kill people, but never on the scale nature can. The coldest winter they have ever seen is heading towards them, along with a water and fire calamity. Could the winterland survive through all these calamities safely? ֍-----------֎-----------֎ Discord : https://discord.gg/mRhYYtHPEy Instagram: miuhozuki I answer questions on Discord, and post character pictures, location profiles and relevant content to story on instagram. Currently, Almost all character profile pics are posted on instagram for this novel.


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