1 Myriad Mountain

[ Note: The Earth mentioned in this story is not the same Earth we are living in. It is only called Earth but the world, population, structures, and other things are different. ]


Earth 2022

Everyone on the planet was doing something.

Students were studying, Workers were working, and CEOs were...seducing and being seduced?

But suddenly...




Everyone in the world could hear this sound, and it passed through all obstacles and was directly transmitted to everyone's ears.

Because it felt like sound came from the sky, people looked up.

A golden brilliance was descending all over the earth. Whatever it was, It alarmed all the countries across the world.

At this time, a man was standing in the sky; yes, he was floating in the sky. He had white hair and seemed to be in his forties.

The man had a troubled look on his face as he mumbled," Looks like it still happened" after that, he sighed and disappeared.

All countries tried to probe the golden brilliance, but they could not make any heads or tails about it.

Three days passed, but the golden brilliance was still there.

Humans are good at adaption. All people returned to their everyday life after three days.

Of course, the talk about golden brilliance did not end, and higher-ups of all countries were still trying to find out more about it.

Country A, slum area, 12 PM.

*cough, cough*

In one of the dilapidated houses, constant coughing sounds could be heard.

On the street, A boy aged 17-18 could be seen running towards this house with a school bag on his back. His appearance was above average, with a height of 6 ft. and a skinny body.

He entered the dilapidated house and hurried towards his mother as he saw her violently coughing.

"Mom, I bought the medicines, and you will feel better after taking them," The boy spoke, His voice filled with worry.

He took out the medicines he bought today on his way home and helped her get up before giving her medicine.

"Aren, you don't need to buy medicines. After resting for a few days, I will get better, so just buy your study materials, okay?" Even though she was sick, her voice was still laced with gentleness as she spoke to her son.

Aren was silent for a few seconds before speaking, His voice filled with determination, "Mom, don't worry about me. The final exam results were out today, with me getting the 1st rank, and I got a lot of money as a scholarship. I will take you to the hospital and fix your problem."

Aren's mom, whose name is Lorain spoke in a joking manner as she spoke, "What are you saying? We don't have to go to the hospital for such a minor problem. I will get better in few days, so no need to spend the money there instead.....*cough cough...instead, you should use the money for your future studies, you will need more money in university."

Aren shook his head and spoke with a reassured smile, "Mom, I got enough money for the hospital and for my studies both, so we will go to the hospital tomorrow, and that's decided."

He then fed his mom a porridge which he made and came out of the house after making sure she fell asleep.

Aren lifted his shirt where there were sterile pads and other things, indicating that he had recently gone through an operation.

The thing is, Aren's mom doesn't have simple lung problems but lung cancer. After they checked up at a government hospital a few days ago, The doctor there told him about it, but he did not tell his mom about cancer.

Even though it is possible to cure it since it's only stage 1 currently, Aren's scholarship is actually not that much and is far from enough to cover the cost.

So he decided to sell one of his kidneys. Thankfully, the doctor was kind enough to help him and even created a false report of a kidney transplant to his mother because she had kidney failure.

His father left them six years ago, and since then, his mother worked every day to the bone to raise him and meet his all needs, and now it is his turn to take care of his mother.

Aren then walked to a restaurant that was 1 mile away from the slum area. He has been working in this restaurant as a waiter for two years now, which somewhat supported his daily necessities and some little things related to his studies. His mother paid for his school fees, essential study materials, Uniform, and clothes.

As he entered the restaurant, the old security guard, whose age was around 60, spoke in a kind voice, "Lil Aren, how was your result ? since you took leave for a week, you must have studied hard."

Aren smiled and said, "Uncle Ben, I got 1st rank, and I even got a scholarship for it."

Uncle Ben laughed heartily and said, "Really? That sounds good. Your future is in studies, so work hard and become a great man. This uncle will keep giving you his blessings."

"Yes, uncle, Thank you for the blessings," After talking for one more minute, He walked towards the backdoor of the restaurant and entered.

His work shift is from 1 PM to 8 PM.

Aren left the restaurant at 8 PM, and after arriving at home, he fed his mom some healthy food he brought from the restaurant.

After that, both of them fell asleep.

Lorain woke up the next day in the morning hearing the siren of the ambulance.

Aren helped his mom get into the ambulance as he also sat inside right next to her.

Seeing all these, Lorain creased her brows and said to Aren anxiously, "Why did you call the ambulance for such a little problem?... *cough, cough*...T-this will also cost some money, right? since it is an ambulance of a private hospital."

Aren reassured his mom with a smile and spoke, "Don't worry about it, mom, it doesn't cost much money. I got it all covered."

Steller Tree Hospital.

After they arrived at the hospital, Lorain was given anesthesia, and the operation started right after that.

Aren had already talked with the doctor Erica who is in charge of the operation, about all the details.

He anxiously waited outside the operation room.

After 3 hours, the operation room opened as Dr. Erica exited and spoke to Aren with a smile, "The operation was successful. Your mother is completely cured of lung cancer. Now come to the office as I have to prescribe some medicine."

Aren bought all medicines and went to the room where his mother was resting.

Right as he entered, Lorain spoke agitatedly, "Aren!, Mind telling me about what is going on?"

Aren had an awkward smile on his face as he said, "Relax, mom, It was nothing major, You had just a bit of lung cancer, and it's cured now."

"You...," Lorain was speechless.

Before she could say something, Aren went to her side and sat down on the bed before speaking with a smile, "If you are worried about the cost, then you don't have to worry. Lung cancer doesn't cost much, and my scholarship money covers it. if you don't believe me, then look." saying this he took out the phone and opened the banking app.

After he entered the password, he showed the screen to his mom so that she could check the balance.

Indeed, Lorain was surprised, "You still have so much left. It looks like I was worried for nothing."

"Yep, So just rest for today. They will discharge you tomorrow." Aren said.

Suddenly, There was a lot of noise from outside.

Aren looked outside from the window and saw that all the people were looking at the sky.

Seeing this, he also looked at the sky and was instantly stupefied.

The golden brilliance from all over the world was gathering above the sky.

After five or so minutes, There was a dense mass of golden particles in the sky.

And after that, it started to transform. The mass of golden brilliance started to solidify.

Soon it turned into a mountain, A Mountain that was hovering in the sky, The mountain was sparkling with a golden brilliance, but it also had greenery as there were big trees and also ponds of water.




"Mortals! Your trial has come. After three years, You will fight against despair, and if you win, you all together with your little world will prosper like never before, and if you lose, you die, together with your tiny world."

The voice sounded very grand as if a king's decree. Everyone on the Earth heard it.

"Enter the Myriad Mountain to get stronger and to fight against the upcoming despair, for that is the only choice you all have."

Aren was shocked by the events that happened as he murmured, "Myriad Mountain?"

< Do you wish to enter the Myriad Mountain? If you want to enter, then reply as YES in your head or NO if you don't want to enter >

Aren was shocked once again as he hurriedly replied as ' No ' in his head.

Aren then turned back only to get shocked once again, Because Lorain disappeared.

'Don't tell me?' Aren thought as he spoke, "Myriad Mountain."

< Do you wish to enter the Myriad Mountain? If you want to, then reply as YES in your head or NO if you don't want to enter >

This time Aren replied as YES.

As soon as he said YES in his head, He experienced blankness for a moment and the scenery in front of him changed as he appeared in an unfamiliar place.

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