Corrupted God: Conquering The Beauties Book

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Corrupted God: Conquering The Beauties


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In the era of Gods, a war broke out due to a treasure but what they didn't know was that those who approached the treasure will become corrupted, in other words they will become Corrupted Gods that will follow their heart's wish instead of the teachings of Ancestral Gods. And because of the earth-shattering war the Realm of Gods has been destroyed, which made the existence of Gods become a myth after 100,000 years passed by. But who would have thought that a Corrupted God who died in the war possessed the body of a young man called Fan Yu Xie, in the planet called Earth. Let's follow Fan Yu Xie's as he conquers every beauty that he finds interesting while slowly unravel the mystery of his rebirth and the existence of the Gods. Note: I'm still new in writing so please bear with me.