1 Make a Deal With ??

No…. not like this!


I felt the pain of a bullet ripping through my torso as one of the masked men fired a rifle at me. I knew who they were though… secret service.

"No…no!" In the dark room, police officers were laying dead on the floor. One of which was my sister. I crawled over to her, leaving the sounds of gunfire becoming dull as I shifted in and out of consciousness from the pain.

I reached my sister who looked pale, and no longer breathing. I knew she was already dead…nobody could survive a bullet through the head after all.

As I felt my blood flowing out… I felt my head get lighter. They say you see your life fly by when you are about to die, but all I felt was loss. I could only think of my sister.

We were orphans before we knew it. Never knew who our parents were and so we grew up in an orphanage. Our time there was not pleasurable at all. It was thanks to our P.E teacher who used to be a MMA fighter who taught us for free that we learned how to defend ourselves…well, more of us sister fighting and me cheering for her.

I depended on her and she always took care of me, and I aimed to follow in her footsteps to never let her down.

My older sister, who was the typical All-A student in high school, graduated and soon became a police officer. Her dream, to stop injustice. We felt way to many of those, low life scum and bullies where we lived. Hookers, scammers, con-artists and plain criminals were part of life where we lived and we had enough.

When I graduated from High-school, I followed in my sister's footsteps and also successfully became a police officer.

Surprisingly, this was the first time I was better at her than something. While she excelled at everything before, I found passion in my work. While paper work got dull, but the idea of us working for a greater cause was worth every second.

Until we found out something we weren't supposed to…

It initially looked like a common thief who stole something…but the evidence just didn't line up. The thief was way too prepared for everything. They infiltrated a high-profile home of a millionaire perfectly yet stole nothing of value. It looked like they took files on a computer and downloaded it.

With the owner of the house dead, we got permission to search the computer and that was when strange orders came through from above.

First, they stated that the case was closed. This order came from above but strangely we didn't know how far up it was from.

Next, we got orders from our direct supervisor to continue to search…who suddenly got very wealthy; I heavily suspect that the family of the diseased bribed him to continue searching for answers.

Not wanting to get fired, we ignored the first order and scanned the files on the computer…only to find things we should not have.

Of course we knew the world was not a happy and love filled place but…I do not think either of us had the courage to look directly into the darkest side of what our human nature could do.

I do not know how the millionaire got his hands on this information but if this was true and released to the public…then just the amount of sanctions and the lost of trust in our government would cripple our entire country. I instantly understood why there was this incident…but both my sister and I felt horrible, betrayed, of what the truth really was.

"Human Trafficking, drug trade, fake currency, manslaughter, black list and horrible amounts of corruption" All the atrocities we could think of were listed on that document and future plans for how to go forward.

Next thing we knew was at our next assignment, all those who were involved in the previous assignment were shot…including me.

I felt the tears sliding down my face, mixing with the blood. As I looked at my corpse of my dead sister.

"What do we do…?" I asked her. I half hoped for an answer before another gunshot silenced me.

This time forever.

Me: hm?

??: Hi there, sorry for what happened. Not my intention but in the end, life in random and shit happens.

Me: … where am I? Could you tell me who you are? I'm sure I was dead…

Hate filled me when I remembered what happened. BASTARDS! They took my sister from me!

??: Wah! Rough thoughts will only pain you further. I know it's hard but please try to calm down and so I can explain the situation.

*Deep breaths*

It was at this point that I realized I no longer have a body. I was also in a white room that seemed….endless? It was just white everywhere. I just decided that I no longer had eyes and could not see…yet I could 'feel' a being in front of me which I was not really 'see' with my eyes.

Me: So I am dead

??: Yes. You are dead and supposed to pass on into the sea on reincarnation. Where, like always, chances will decide your fate.

Me: The way you word it sounds like I will not be going that way

??: Correct. I messed with the chances a little bit. While I am sorry for your loss, you are here for my entertainment. And you will be paid for the service as well.

It took a minute to comprehend what this ?? was saying.

'I just lost my only family and my life in pain and he wants me to entertain him?' I growled angrily before I remembered he could read my thoughts

??: Calm down. I told you I will pay you didn't I?

Me: I don't need it. I want to forget everything. THE PAIN!!… … just let me rest please.

I've had enough

??: What about this? You can have your sister back. You both can entertain me.

That certainly got my attention. By the way he brought me here, I was fairly sure he wasn't lying to me.

Me: Bring her here then

??: 'snaps imaginary fingers'

I suddenly felt another being come from nothing next to me.

Me: Sister?

Sister: Am I awake? I thought I was dead!


It took a while to explain the situation and between sobs that weren't really there.

??: Alright, so I will offer you a deal. You will go to another world of your choice and do some shit. I can grant you powers that make you both a serous powerhouse or influential but I will not make you invincible or God

Sister: Will not or can not?

??: Will not. I am far greater and powerful than those fools that call themselves Gods. They are tied to their worlds and Universes while I am quite literally omnipotent. I might be your God.

Me: I don't understand your concept of omnipotence. I don't believe it. I'm Christian and only 'God' is omnipotent. If there are multiple Gods, even lesser ones, how can you be my God?

??: Okay, so imagine watching a movie once, then twice, then ten times. You watch the movie a billion times. Then you will know everything that has ever happened to the smallest details and changes between each frame; at the same time, you are so immensely bored that literally anything would be better. This is why most omnipotent beings are asleep and have sealed themselves off from creation.

I chose a different approach. I have sealed off my memories and knowledge but kept my power. This way, I can enjoy my time and power and not be bored!

Enough talk though. Choose your world and tell me what…what was the word again? Yes, Cheats. What cheats would you like to have.

Me: Sister, there is really only one choice isn't there?

Sister: hmm, I know what you are thinking. Really, it's easy.

Me: We've always talked about how it would have been if 'THAT' happened in 'THAT' universe instead of canon.

Sister: I've actually always had some fantasy of that sort. Let's do it. We already know what to say.

??: Tell me

Me: We want to go to the One Piece Universe! Make sure it's the canon one, not anything else.

(Author Note: I've never read or watched anything other than the canon version so… people expecting characters from outside the canon, sorry :P )

Sister: We don't want to be overwhelmingly strong so there is no challenge, but we wish to be brokenly strong enough to clash with the strongest. So we have a few wishes.

Me: First, we don't want anything to limit our power or choices. This means we are immune to seastone as well as water in general. We wouldn't want to lose our power in a world where most of the world is covered by the sea.

Sister: Next, we want immunity in our minds. I don't want any one of us to be taken controlled of. That would be horrible! We want to have freedom in our actions and choices.

??: That would mean a lack of sympathy for those you kill. But honestly, that's a needed mindset for life in the world you'll live in.

Me: Will you hold that against us?

??: You're my entertainment. Even if you go Full Hitler, you won't be held accountable in my eyes. You can be rest assured that you'll both just be seeing me again once you die.

Sister: I guess that's a good thing… thanks.

Me: Third, we don't want to be limited by our physical bodies or mind. Give up a body with limitless potential. So that as long as we train enough, we can always grow stronger. Oh! and please give us a healing factor. I don't want to lose my limbs or eyes forever and I don't want to see my sister hurt.

Sister: This also means that we can take anything. For example, consume multiple devil fruits and learn multiple martial arts. Even abilities that seem contradictory.

In addition to that, maybe make our birth somewhat lucky please. We don't want to be born to pirates, bandits, or be born slaves or anything. We want our future to be open if not influential.

Me: We don't want to stay weak for long. Could you give us some pretty awesome DNA so we can awaken both forms of hake quickly? Actually, throw in Conqueror's Haki as well. I like the idea of that.

Could we also be fast learners?

Finally, we want to be together. Please don't separate us when we are born. I like the idea of being born twins.

Sister: hmmm *pout* That means I won't be your older sister anymore! I don't want to lose my petting privilege I want you to stay my cute imouto!

I can't see her but I'm sure she's pouting.

Me: Sister, you can stay as the older one between us. I don't think your habit of petting me will ever stop. It surely didn't even when we were adults…

??: Alright, you can have all of that. Do you want anything from the world before you go and get reincarnated?

Me: Can we both have a limitless inventory like in games? Would be convenient to have

Sister: Also, we would like to choose our devil fruits here…or better…make one ourselves *smirk*

Oh, that smirk I feel from her is definitely when she's planning something evil…like when she put wasabi in all of our crew's food.

??: No, since nothing is limitless. But I can give you something that is limit of infinity; almost the same thing. And yes, you may make your own devil fruits and put it in your inventory.

We smiled with our non-existent mouths and told him together

Me & Sister: We want to fruit to control the 4 fundamental forces!

This is such an overpowered wish. To pretty much control the world itself. Forget Whitebeard with his fruit to control large-scale vibrations. The ability to control nuclear forces and attractions triumphs pretty much everything!

??: Now that is way too overpowered. I'll need to split the power between the two of you. I'll give you the fruit that allows you to control gravity and electromagnetism.

He said while looking at me

??: And your sister the fruit to control nuclear forces. Both weak and strong.

*Snaps finger*

??: Alright, I put the fruits in your inventory. I also put some books you might need for your life in the world. If that's it, I'll send you off. This is like Netflix to me, I can't wait for the next episode (of your life!)

I think he meant something between the non-existent parenthesis, but I'll ignore that for now.

Me: Thank you…could you tell me who you are? Honestly I'd like to be friends.

??: hm…? hahhahaha! You can call me whatever you want. And yes, it sounds fun to be your friend. Looks like you got yourself some plot armor if you ever need one! HAHAHA

Sister: By the way, where and are we going to be born and by whom?

??: Telling you that would be no fun, would it? Alright, off you go! Fuck up the storyline for me!

Then everything turned white

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