1 It was just another day in Sahog Egypt

As the evil couple was planning schemes.

Starline then looked at Cornelius, saying: "Hmm...Should we attend to that Doomsday thing?"

"We are to...teach him the words I spoke. But if the look of these results is true, we may have a higher chance of living." Cornelius responded

"We have a future to achieve more evil schemes!"

Starline chuckled, then said, "Yes!! With this Tricore, we could take down some of Sonic's and Titan's friends!"

"HAHA!!! A truly wondrous day this will be!!"

Cornelius then hugged Starline, laughing with joy.

Then he looked at him with a bit of lust for some strange reason...


"I think we should have this night...all to ourselves~"

Starline's face then blushed red, what did Cornelius mean by that?

Cornelius then leaned in, kissing Starline deeply.

And this is where their fun begins~

The purple gator would then break the kiss, picking up Starline and carrying him to the bedroom.

His other eye would glow red with lust, as he kissed Starline's neck.

The greyish-cream platypus would moan softly, as his tail wagged.

The platypus would then blush more, as the gator would make his way down to his area.

He'd then lick Starline's Lil' area, then the platypus would moan out loud. As the gator would push his tongue in deeper, he would also rub his lover's tail.

They would both sweat a bit, due to the heated energy that was created in the room.

Cornelius then would look up to his platypus, saying: "Are you ready for me, darling?~"

Starline nodded, as Cornelius would reveal his big and hard member.

"O-Oh my...A-Are you sure that it'll fit?"

"Yes my dear, I'm sure of it~"

Cornelius would then slam into Starline, as he gave out a cute yelp.

"Dear, are you okay?"

"Y-Yes...I'm fine. Just a l-little huge is all."

"Okay, but you better hang on my dear~"

Starline grips onto Cornelius, as the gator would thrust into him viciously. Being lost in his lust.

The platypus would moan out louder than before, he liked- no, l o v e d this heated feeling~

He would drool a bit, as Cornelius continued to fuck him silly. The gator would then bite Starline's shoulder, as it bleeds a bit.

"D-Darling...I'm gonna cum!~"

"W-Wait no-"

But it was already too late, as Cornelius' sperm would fill up Starline. Absolutely destroying his insides, the platypus would moan out: "AAAHH!!~"

They then pant, as Cornelius gets off of Starline. Holding him close as they relax on the bed.

The End...?