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Five Years of Age

Well, about five years have passed, turns out the old man was my Grandfather.

Also, this is a pretty strange world...

I've found myself.....

In the Univer- No....

Galaxy of Star Wars....

My Grandfather is the Sith Lord Zavan, a Marauder known for slaying several Jedi and slaying thousands of innocents by his own two hands.

Apparently, his face is deformed as he was hit straight on by a blaster.

But you gotta admit, that's insanely impressive if you consider the Jedi of Order 66 that died so easily by the Clone Troopers.

Though his face is horribly deformed, I've seen far worse in my previous life, especially from those movies....

Also, it turns out that the young girl was my Sister, it was quite obvious, but I didn't both to figure it out.

My Sister had a great number of Midi-Chlorians, however, I have a bare minimum...

Of course, they didn't measure it through a blood sample, rather, during my birth and my Sisters as twins, he sensed us both as a movement of the force.

My movement was much weaker than my Sisters, she can currently use the force to lift up a small rock, I can't even lift up more than a pebble.

Ten Years of Age

My force powers have manifested quite nicely, though even now, I can't lift up a small rock with my Force powers.

She, however...

Can lift up a large rock! How unfair is that?

God if you're listening, why would you do this?

Though I lacked a "cheat skill".

I've read the books, played the games and watched the movies.

I know how the Sith work.

From my studies, apparently, this is around the Era of the Old Republic.

The Dark Council still exists, and it's not two Sith against the entire Republic.

It's thousands of Sith, against thousands of Jedi's...

Thirteen Years of Age

At the Eleventh Year, I realized I shouldn't be continuing to increase my Force prowess, rather I decided to try and control it better.

By investing a year of my time, I found out, I could actually use the Force to enhance my physical prowess, even against Swordsmen of great skill, I could simply use the Force to enhance my body to defeat them.

Daily life was so-so, propaganda and more propaganda, I was at Dromund Kaas, the Great Capital of the Empire.

If I peeked out, seeing a Sith Lord, Moff or another important official wouldn't be rare.

When I asked my guards and trainers about the war, they always claimed the Empire was winning, but it was quite obvious that they were lying, and I expected for there to be a stalemate between the Empire and Republic.

At Twelve, I could proficiently use the Force, jumping a metre high or running ten metres a second, as long as I used the Force wasn't impossible.

But it would put a strain on me, perhaps, if I got older, it would have less of a strain, but for now, I would have to wait.

And well, until thirteen, I pretty much did the same thing.....

There was no games, no reality television, videos, it was all propaganda.....

Thankfully, I've already been "brainwashed" by the Culture of my old life, otherwise, I'd be like most of the other drones that live here.

Then at thirteen, I was told I need to go to the Sith Academy, I didn't try to escape, as only a fool would try to escape....

Putting on my black robe, this symbolized my status as a Sith Hopeful, not like a Sith Acolyte or Initiate, I actually had the potential of becoming a Sith, and most Sith Hopeful become such.

If I did become a Sith, I would live a quiet life, I wouldn't oppress, no I wouldn't even suppress anyone.

I just wanted to survive.....

Arrival at the Academy

Here I was, at the Academy, my black robe made the nearby Imperial Footmen salute me, the officers, however, walked past with their hand slightly down.

Just before I left the Ship which I took to get to the Academy, which was on Korriban, for some strange reason, even though their's one on Dromund Kaas.

I had a meal, and it felt as if it was a prisoner's last request....

The first steps I took, I felt as if I moved off a moving train and inertia took its effect on me.

I gasped for air a bit, but then I saw a face.

Below the face was a body, of course.

This was Overseer Rarhun, wearing a dark red armour with silver shoulder guards, he reminded of a certain Overseer called Harkun.

Overseer Rarhun was once a young Initiate that completed his Sith Trials, he then became a Sith Warrior, as he wasn't able to become a Sith Guardian or Marauder, he couldn't become a Sith Lord.

So here he is now, a Sith Overseer watching over the young Initiates and Acolytes....

He wasn't a fan of those that came from slavery, he detested them harshly, as for aliens, he didn't discriminate against them, but if there was a human, that would always be his first choice.

He looked to be with a smiling face and said, "Well, if it isn't Lord Zavan's Grandson, I'm Overseer Rarhun, I hope you enjoy your stay here, you will act as Inquisitor Vern's Apprentice"

An Inquisitor's Apprentice? That was a pretty high position for someone that just arrived....

But I was, after all, a direct descendant of a Sith Lord, so it was likely that Overseer Rarhun pulled a few strings to make it so, in order to garner favour.

I replied, "My thanks, Overseer Rarhun, I hope to serve Inquisitor Vern to the best of my abilities".

I gulped in some air, I remembered playing SWTOR, and there was an Inquisitor that tortured people....

Also, Overseer Rarhun like Inquisitor Vern was an Inquisitor, but his Overseer title superseded the Inquisitor Title.

I heard of those called Sith Sorcerers and heard that they were mighty Sith Lords that could cause even Jedi to lose their faith or succumb to madness.

Hopefully, my time with Inquisitor Vern will be an ok time...

Nine O Clock in the Morning, well not exactly that time, but that's when I usually woke up in my past life.

I woke up feeling physically unstoppable, well that's just comparison.

In my old life, I was quite fit, but right now, I probably reached the epitome of fitness for a thirteen-year-old.

Even without using the Force, I could probably easily beat up some of the Acolytes and Initiates here.

With the Force, I'd probably be among the top, but against someone that passed the Sith Trials.

I'm nothing but a bug....

Inquisitors are capable of force lightning, and warriors can choke people using the force, I can't come anywhere close to that, if I wasn't crushed like a bug, what would I be crushed like?

About an Hour Late

Well, after an hour, since I've been awake, I've been weighing my choices and ideas.

In all honesty, I didn't want to help someone torture another person.

I had morals, a code to follow by, call me weak if you want to, but it makes me who I am.

With a heavy heart, I walked towards the office of Inquisitor Vern, I employed the most evil and mean face I could.

Thankfully, due to the genes of my Grandfather, I was able to generate a pretty good one, the Acolytes and Initiates that saw me, seemed to move back in fear.

The Imperial Footmen gave their salutes and the some of the Officers would do so as well, though not as formally and much more casually.

As I entered the room, I saw a man wearing a purple armour of some sort, but it looked quite similar to what an Inquisitor of SWTOR wore, so I guessed it was him.

He was a bit rounded, well, a bit fat I guess, not too fat though, he didn't seem to obese, just yet.

He looked at my face and then saw my robe and said, "Ah, you must be Lord Zavan's Grandson, Overseer Rarhun, told me of your arrival."

I simply nodded and walked closer, as I did, Inquisitor Vern picked a baton from a shelf.

It was glowing with energy, I saw some other Initiatives and Acolytes carrying this as well, but most were seemingly hiding it, for one reason or another, as I noticed.

He then threw it at me, I was able to easily catch it, and I did so only using two fingers to impress him, sure enough, it did indeed impress him.

"Impressive even for a Sith Hopeful".

I then used the force to push myself forward, within the time period of a second, I was holding the baton to his neck,

I was a bit nervous when I did this, but the Inquisitor then moved his hand to where the baton was and instantly crushed it.

He then laughed and said a few things, "Hohoho, (Not Santa) very impressive, if it was a lightsaber, perhaps, I might've been dead by now".

He then looked to the shattered baton and said, "Oh, look what I have done.... No worries, I will get you a replacement immediately"

He got another one out of the shelf, and he threw it even quicker, I caught this one, again with two fingers.

For a second, I felt as if the entire room become dreadful, it was as if he was able to kill me, but then it quickly disappeared.

This was, without doubt, the power of the Force, but weren't only those big shots like Jadus capable of doing so?

I don't want to brag, but this was an Inquisitor, not a Sith Lord.

Of course, I was however still standing, and the Inquisitor was quite surprised and the pressure disappeared.

He then spoke once more, and said, "I fear that if I truly do take you as an Apprentice, then I will certainly be slain by you in a single year".

I replied then in the wisest and most Sith way I knew how to, say a quote I knew from the books, movies and games.

"Choose someone as a successor, and you will inevitably be succeeded".

This was a quote I copied from Sidious, but the Overseer obviously being born thousands of years before, hearing this, jumped and said, "In all truth, you have surprised me, but what you have just said, surprises me most, you remind me of a certain someone...."

A smile came on his face, I was like, wait who do I remind you of....

He then continued on, "In a certain temple, there is a mighty prophet called Frezan, go visit him and ask for some guidance, though my status means nothing, your words will hold great weight to a man like him".

Wait, though the words said might be different, doesn't this mighty prophet named Frezan, sound like a guy I had to visit as an Acolyte when I played SWTOR?

What is this?

Coincidence or Conspiracy??

Also, what is this, sending me off?

You just don't want to take care of me, if I am lucky, he'll be like Spindrall, that old guy from SWTOR.

He trained Acolytes and Initiates that failed their trials since I'm sure that I could easily defeat the ones that have yet to fail their disciples, they should pose no challenge right?

Well, at least I hope so.

I then left the room, with the baton on my back, I started to walk, it looked similar to the SWTOR game version, but there were some minor differences.

First thing, where were all the taxis? (SWTOR Reference)

You expect me to walk!

As I was, walking, I saw a man in a black sort of armour, he was an Inspector, he looked to the Acolytes and Initiates and rudely demanded to see if they were a traitor or fraud by scanning them.

If they weren't a traitor or fraud, they would be an acolyte or initiate that was kicked out of their trials, the only location for those people would be in caves, and not in Frezan's cave, which quite surprised me.

But Frezan didn't even live in a cave, he actually lived in a tall tower, or so the rumours said.

After the Inspector looked to an Acolyte he looked to me and said, loudly, "Stop, in the name of the Emperor".

I stopped and looked at the Inspector weirdly, he then asked if he could scan me, I obviously agreed and he said farewelled me.

Obviously, as a Sith Hopeful, I was treated much better than those Acolytes and Initiates, as for Inquisitors? The Inspector didn't dare to touch them, as only Sith could judge other Sith, and the Inspector like me was akin to a Sith Hopeful.

Eventually, I made it to where Frezan's residence was, a large tall tower, it looked as if it would collapse at any moment, looking outside, I felt fear and really didn't want to go in such a place that looked as if it should've fallen down by now.

The large tall tower, looked as if it would fall at any moment.

I truly worried about the Empire's state of buildings here at Korriban, back then when I was at Dromund Kaas, the buildings and facilities were far beyond anything I saw in my old life.

This tower, however, seemed as if it was made in the middle ages, and somehow still existed to now.

Also, I still have yet to know what exact time period I am in, despite all the propaganda of the great Dark Council and famous Darth's, none of the names were familiar to me.

There was no Zash, Thanaton, Baras or any other figure, I could think of.

But, I was someone like most, that researched more on the Jedi, so perhaps, if I ever get news that isn't propaganda, I might properly figure out which time period I'm in.

As I walked closer to the tower, I felt myself subconsciously going slower, I wasn't sure if this was the Force or just my fear, but I kept on moving.

Where the door, would normally be, there was none such.

It was just an empty door-sized hole, so I went through it.

At this time, I heard an echoing voice, it was quiet, and though I heard it once, it was if I couldn't forget it.

"Who goes there? Inquisitor? Warrior?".

Then, all of a sudden, I could see something, I couldn't before.

There were now two doors, one on the top said, Inquisitor and the other said, Warrior.

I felt, that I should go to Inquisitor, that was after all, what I was studying and training for, however, though my prowess in controlling the Force was quite high, my actual potential of the Force was quite low.

I remember that Luke Skywalker could move a small ship with the Force, as you could also in the Force Unleashed games, but I simply wasn't like that.

I could barely lift up a small rock right now using the Force if I wanted to choke an adult, any adult, even one without training, I wouldn't be able to do so.

Maybe a teenager, but I wouldn't be able to lift them up or really kill them easily, if it wasn't for my Grandfather, I wouldn't be getting the Sith Hopeful treatment.

However, my physical prowess, on the other hand, was unquestionable, so I made a choice.

I decided to go to the warrior door.

There was a robot, it wasn't on, but when I took a step forward, it was shrouded by a faint purple glow, and then it just jumped up.

It held a baton like me, it ran towards me, but I easily dodged it, but I didn't realize the other hand of the robot that almost struck me.

Fortunately, the other hand was empty, but still, a robot's hand was stronger than a normal human's hand.

I moved back as quickly as I could, it then went towards me, but it jumped quite strangely, it twisted at the same time, and tried to strike me.

I dodged again, though this time, I was much closer to being struck, I myself then tried to strike it, but it dodged with ease.

This went on for a good ten minutes, I was exhausted, but the robot was perfectly fine, then I decided to try something.

The robot was virtually bare, it seemed like an exoskeleton, that was barely armoured.

I imagined that this was either an extremely old Droid or one that went through many battles.

I put my right hand forward, and I attempted to use the force.

Seeing I was, the robot moved even quicker, or at least I thought, I felt as if the robot was right in front of me, but looking, it was a metre or two away.

I tried to manipulate the core of the robot, and I swear the robot smiled for some reason, I learned some basic knowledge of robots, and I knew that the robot was actually dismantling its own core.

Seeing that, I began to move the tiny wires within the robot, I don't think it noticed, so it continued to dismantle its own core, though if it did so, after a minute or so, it would automatically shut down. the thing is, I'm not sure if I can last for more than a minute.

This sounded good, right? But, the thing is, I'm not sure if I can last for a minute, much more, a minute or two.

Concentrating all my efforts, I started to try to control all the wires, I realized, that though they were wires, they were still quite powerful compared to my old's life.

But, I tried even harder.

I got this, I got this, I kept on telling that to myself.

I also had to be careful to do it without bringing much notice, as the robot, still thought I was trying to move its core, or I was trying to self-destruct it.

That was a viable option, but I felt this robot was different....

When I saw the faint purple glow, it reminded me of a certain Sith Lord.....

Then, the robot had finally dismantled its own core, but nothing happened, it simply watched me.

At that moment, I then pulled on all the wires violently, suddenly the robot knew what happened, and it tried to move, but I stopped it from doing so.

I then moved the wires to collapse the robot, by straining the wires enough, I was able to sever the connection it had, it was similar to a person having a broken hand.

They had it, but they couldn't use it.

The robot was in the same position, but then all of a sudden, the purple faint glow disappeared, and it collapsed on the floor, but just in case, I disconnected all the wires.

I then saw another door, I opened it.

I saw a staircase, every step I took, I was given visions, there would continuously be an old man, asking if I wanted the power to change the World.

But I simply ignored it, going through enough telemarketing scams in my past life, I gained an innate resistance and continued to the top.

Opening the door at the top, I saw a faint blue figure, it was sitting down, at that moment, my suspicions were cleared.

I then heard the voice again, though I was at the top of the tower, the room was still big, but not enough to cause an echo.

Yet the voice did just that, it was an echoing voice that was quiet and unforgettable.

"Visiting, this old man? Seeing the look on your face, you are not surprised?"

I was indeed not surprised, Horak-Mul was one likewise that could do so, so why couldn't this guy do it as well?

I simply replied, "I am surprised, after all, how many can cheat life and death?".

I tried to flatter him, but the voice replied in anger, "Bah, this old man, simply refuses to let go...."

Refusing to let go? If it was that simple, then wouldn't everyone be in a sense, be able to cheat life and death? If Palpatine was here, wouldn't he be choking on his words right now?

But, I suppose it was harder than one thought, it would take incredible resilience and willpower, they were people, Jedi or Sith that couldn't bear to pass on, but rather feeling unaccomplished enough, their spirit stayed in the earthly realm.

I was going to talk, but the voice then asked a question, "Acolyte, this old man, has been stuck here for a hundred years, only those that harbour ill-intent towards you would send you here."

I was speechless, did Inquisitor Vern want me dead already? No.... It was likely, the Master of Inquisitor Vern that had a feud with my Grandfather.

I then asked a question myself in curiosity, "Who trapped you here?".

The faint blue figure then stood up and looked outside of the tower, the voice then replied, "My own disciple, he was hungry for power, but he was without patience knowledge."

I simply tried to appear wise and said another Sidious quote, "Choose someone hungrier and you will be devoured".

The faint blue figure turned out, it revealed an old man, there were several scars on his face, he was also not human, he was a Sith Pureblood.

Normally, Sith Pureblood's are ones with red skin colours, but today, I can say I saw a blue Sith Pureblood!

The voice then laughed and said, "I, Lord Frezan, have never heard something so true, since I murdered my own Master"

The voice, no....

Lord Frezan, was likely someone killed his own Master to become a Sith Lord, only when Sith had an incredibly powerful Master compared to themselves, would they not kill their own Master to become a Sith Lord or Master themselves.

Lord Frezan, looked towards me and asked a question, "Acol- No, youngling what is your name?".

I took a moment to reply and said, "It is.... Frederick"

Honestly, my actual name is Shaange, it was strange, but most of the people I knew called me Lord Zavan's Grandson, after all, his mere mention of his name, carried far greater worth than my own.

I gave him the name of past life, as I found it more convenient and to remember myself by, but Lord Frezan, thought otherwise, "A strange name..."

"You don't look like you've lied, but it doesn't seem you've told the truth either...."

Well, Lord Frezan, you're right, Frederick is my real name, but at the same time it isn't, but it's not like you're ever going to know that.

I was though surprised he was able to figure out, I didn't tell the truth, then I tried to change the subject and asked a question, "Lord Frezan, what stops you from leaving this place and passing on?".

I swear, I saw the blue Lord Frezan, turn red in anger, he shouted out and it felt as if I was going to be defenestrated again, though this time out of a tower.

"My apprentice! The one that trapped me here! He didn't even kill me, he left me here to die after I was betrayed by him".

I was confused and subconsciously asked a question, "He didn't kill you?".

I felt a bit weird after noticing that I asked a question, subconsciously, but Lord Frezan simply replied, "That fool, he's simply incapable, do you know why he was able to trap me? He had help from Darth Norgiov, if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't be capable of doing anything against me."

My curiosity couldn't be sated, and seeing that Lord Frezan felt like answering questions, I continued, "Who is Darth Norgiov?".

He looked at me and then replied, "A Dark Lord of the Sith, but the weakest without a doubt, he feared me, but couldn't kill me, so he offered my own disciple a position as a Sith Lord and to become his own disciple, if he helped him strike me down!"

"Then who is this disciple?" I was always interested in these stories and books about Star Wars where the characters would have disciples betraying them, though more broadly I was interested in everything about Star Wars.

Lord Frezan replied, "His name is, Travpatr."

I took a deep breath, honestly, for a second, I thought he was going to say, my Grandfather, I don't know why, but it was just a hunch.

"Though he has probably changed his name, since becoming a Sith Lord, one thing that he wouldn't, is the scar on his face, he got by being blasted from a blaster at point blank range. It is the source of his rage, though it is untempered and it makes him weak and strong"

Hearing this, I froze, didn't this sound like my Grandfather, I kept a straight face, and then said something that made me thankful, I told him my old name.

"In truth, you look like him, but your name is too different, I remember when he had a son, he was utterly disappointed it wasn't a Force-sensitive child, and he vowed to call all his future Force Sensitive children, the names of his household, Frederick, by all means, is none of which".

"But youngling, I can see you are likely without a Master if they made you come here, let this Old man help you, and in return, you help me?".

I was frozen, I didn't know what to say, he would without a doubt, teach me the ways of the evil Sith, but I had morals and ideas, but I needed power....

So, here it goes, "I accept........"

(He needs power to survive and also because he's slightly worried about Inquisitor Vern)

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