1 Super Deluxe French Fries In A Can.

It is the year 2054, Rizae Bontitsukie is a useless good for nothing bum.

With absolutely nothing good going for home he decided he wants to change and become the best person he can be… "!!! What? I-I, where am I. It's so dark I can't see anything am I dead?! I was just eating my super deluxe sized French fries in a can!"

Where are my parent? That I don't even know when I was 3-years old I was abandoned by my parents. I was take. In by a church with little money, they could barley support me. I was told my mother was ill and my father was in a car accident and they both died, but I know that's not true… They abandoned me and that's that.

I lived a sad, boring, unfulfilled life. I was called useless, bum, stupid, poor, trash, a waste of space, and I tried to ignore it, but it didn't work I became…

A shut in… I regret everything, and I was just about to restart…

:Congratulations you have died: :Requirements *Die* *Useless* *Bum* *Unpopular* *Dirt poor* *No family*: :All requirements have been met: : Congratulations you have obtained the Copy Cat System: :You may now begin your journey to become the most popular man in the world:

Uh… huh?