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Conversations With The Self


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The Author controls the world and introduces a boy to a nightmare realm where he must survive criminal monsters and villagers; to find and convince The Killer to bring him back to the real world. But he's overpowered. Instead, a parallel version of him who's been through more suffering in the Nightmare Realm grows mad in his weakness, and must face off with his privilaged self. In a battle that will determine their life or death. *May contain explicit and existentialist language that may be too boring for some readers. Also, shameless innuendos that may be too obnoxious for others. Viewer discretion is advised. *CONWITS is written by someone who's been speaking in English practically since birth. They've been studying plot and storytelling for more than 3 years. Reading professional others' works, being nitpicky about ruined prose, grammar, plotline structures, execution and lesser characters from lesser platforms, and has been known to be so criticizing enough to ruin their self-esteem. *CONWITS is a smaller project to help the author destress from their planned bigger works that are too huge to handle at their current skill level. Basically, I'm procrastinating by doing something shittier. *CONWITS is an isekai so edgy other isekai are like preteen boys trying to sound like Corpse Husband. *I'm kidding. It's not edgy yet. *CONWITS could make you laugh if I've successfully brainwashed you this far. *Although it's currently only 16 parts (10 chapters total), CONWITS has already surpassed 26,000+ words. *The author tends to overwrite, but in a necessary way by the standards of published authors that have indirectly shared their experiences via novels, magazines, websites and YouTube. But I'll be adjusting my writing into something more bite sized and consumer-friendly. If you've read me thus far, you can make it through CONWITS :>. Thank you. Try sharing Conversations With The Self with someone who might find it interesting! It would be funny if a newbie WB author like me suddenly won a gold in this year's Spring Spirity Awards. It's like that one time Nux Taku convinced 20,000+ of his followers to go up-vote Interspecies Reviewers on My Anime List to the point of so much drama just because he memed so hard. It was beautiful. The author made a song of the main character! Called Generic Sun Gone West. Available in SoundCloud and YouTube, under the artist name kirasuten. Cover by Anony_Akira Written, Story and Edited by Anony_Akira


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