59 Rivalry

Kim Jeho, also known as the bastard, did not even care for the stylist who would feel uncomfortable with his actions, so Mina immediately shut him down by pinching his hand.

"Ouch, that hurt," Jeho whined. "What was that for?"

"I slept well, Mister Kim," Mina replied firmly with her eyes glaring at him. He needed to behave himself, or else he would receive a kick on his balls. "How about you?"

Kim Jeho stared at her, annoyed with her rejection. Even though Mina was a little bit disappointed and was really looking forward to some action with him yesterday, she kept her pride intact and tried her best to ignore his oozing charisma

Mina just turned her head slightly and mouthed, "Please behave, or else, I will make sure you won't see the sunset later on."

Her facial muscles barely even moved, but she expressed extreme annoyance at him using her mouth. 

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