43 Ownership***

Mina could not help herself but push Kim Jeho away from her as she immediately covered her chest using both of her arms and said, "Are you just going to do that for the whole night?"

She expected Kim Jeho to look at her with annoyance on his face, but contrary to what she expected, he just chuckled. "I can do it all night if you want."

"You are very frustrating, you know that?!" Mina yelled, and she could not help but look at Jeho's perfectly sculpted abdominal muscles.

She had tried her best to have eleven-line abs, and it suited his body type. His abs seemed like you could even use it as a washboard for laundries.

"But I told you to tell me what you wanted me to do to you," Jeho explained as his eyes turned red in a flash. "Who knows that maybe you are not liking what I am doing to you and seemed like you were just forced to do it with me."

"Does it really matter?" Mina yelled. Her eyes widened as she was already fuming in anger. "I was the one who proposed the contract with you so doesn't that mean I am already in this too?"

Mina just stared at Jeho, whose horns and pair of wings were nowhere to be found, as he lied on the bed just next to her..

"It is boring," He said as he turned his head slightly and met his gaze with her. "I am the only one who pleasures you and you never said that you liked it so I am not having that much fun that I wanted."

"W-what?" That was the only word that came out of Mina's mouth.

"I want to torture you with pleasure," Jeho responded. "But I do not find it rewarding if you do not say that you are liking it."

"Why are you being whiny like a girl?" Mina asked. Rage finally consumed her.

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Now that she thought about it, why was she so angry?

Was it not because she wanted Jeho to do something more aside from licking her nipples all night?

Maybe, that was right.

But she did not want to say it out loud. What would that make her? A slut?

Not really.

'Hong Mina, you only have to choose one.' Mina was reminded about how the usual Kim Jeho would talk to him. 'If you want me to do more, say so. If not, then let's pack our things. You can't make me do more than say that you don't want me at the same time.'

Jeho covered his mouth with his hand as he yawned. Was he now being sleepy?

A man with such a high libido like him was sleepy in front of a beautiful and voluptuous sexy woman like Hong Mina?

And she was already half-naked. Was he that bored of her?

"I think it's just better for us to sleep," Jeho suggested as he closed his eyes and covered his eyes with his left arm. "Don't you think?"

Silence filled the room, and Mina could not believe how the situation turned out like this. She was in utter disbelief. The queen-sized bed was not that enough for his tall stature, so he shifted himself and began to sleep comfortably in front of Mina.

"If you are still not going to sleep then please turn off the lights," Jeho said while keeping his eyes closed as he tapped the space next to him. "You can even lie down next to me and sleep. Or you can go home but it would be hard for you to catch a taxi or ride a bus."

"Why are you acting like this?" Mina became frustrated and threw her hands in the air. "One snap and you would be kissing me like no other, then the next thing that would happen was you retreating like you are not a man---"

Jeho opened his eyes and sat up; his crimson red eyes stared at Mina in a piercing gaze. "I already told you how I work, Hong Mina. I don't want you to force in this or would I want to sacrifice my preferences while playing with you."

"What do you mean?"

"I am someone who feeds off with your sexual energy," Jeho explained. "I won't be able to function well without it but that did not mean that I would die without it too." He leaned in and touched Mina's chin with his index finger. "It seemed like I prefer you in your dreams. You are much more honest there."

Then it dawned into her. Mina finally realized that the Jeho she saw in her dreams was the same as the Kim Jeho she interacted with in real life. Yes, that might be because he was an incubus. But how?

Then again, Mina could care less about that fact now.

All she could ever think about was how to make Jeho continue what he was about to do without telling him otherwise. It would be hard, but as long as she won't admit liking his skills in bed, then all is well.

"No, I am still the same."

"Well, that is right," Jeho nodded. "Just like how similar I am to the incubus you saw in your dream and the human you saw within me."

For some reason, Mina began to feel tired about everything. She just could not wait for Jeho to do what she wanted when she does not even have any intentions to say it out loud.

So instead of going home or sleeping right next to him in bed, Mina dared to sit on top of him; she could even feel his bulge growing even bigger with his denim pants on. As Mina was already feeling the wetness on her panties, she continued rubbing herself to his.

Mina was on top of Jeho, and she liked how it felt. It was as if she was the one who was in charge, even though it was just a spur of the moment. Jeho always seemed like he was the one who is more dominant in their strange relationship, but seeing him like this made Mina question her sanity.

He looked adorable and cute with his cheeks flushed and with his horns slowly popping out. His eyes turned red, and as she leaned in for a kiss, she smirked, "I am going to own you tonight."

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