83 Living With An incubus

Hong Mina only had like five hours left till Jeho comes back as the body owner, but she was already exhausted and felt like she won't last that long. So she tried her best not to get infected by his seduction and sweet interactions. 

It was hard.

Being alone with him was the worst nightmare she had. It was as if he is talking to her so that he would not get bored. And he kept on mentioning lewd things so that Mina would get turned on or something. Of course, if he does not do it all the time, it would work, but its effect disappeared.

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Mina tried her best not to get swayed with his small kisses and whatever they are. The best thing she could do was avoid him. Instead, she received help from him when she needed someone to carry and arrange all the things they bought. It was already seven in the evening, and Mina decided to whip some vegetable salad and avocado shake.

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